Unable to Completely Uninstall MSDE and SQL2000 locally linked to a VB6 program on XP Pro

Unable to Completely Uninstall MSDE and SQL2000 locally linked to a VB6 program on XP Pro

I inherited a working vb6 program using MSDE and have developed it into a royal dilemma.

On the initial vb6 program install, the path of the MSDE was requested and supplied. Program setup installed MSDE. Program executed with perfection over and over.  VB6 program worked properly; however only on first install.

PROBLEM BEGAIN once vb6 program was UNINSTALLED.
At REINSTALLATION, no VB6 requests to set path for MSDE occurred,
How would vb6 use MSDE and mssql's database file?
Start fresh, wipe down all traces of earlier installs and get program functioning as occurred or original install was the goal. Program would ask for MSDE path again if I uninstalled MSDE, yeah right, sour logic, that's a big negative. I UNINSTALLED MSDE desktop engine from add/remove in control pannel, regedit deleting of mssql hkeys, and unintalled vb6 program.

I REINSTALLED vb6 program, executed it and
received error message titled Microsoft SQL Server Login  Connection failed: SQLSTate: '08001' SQL Server Error: 17  
[DBNETLIB][ConnectionOpen (Connect()).)]SQL Server does not exist or access denied. I interpreted this to mean that the vb6 program did not reinstall MSDN.

I tried directly to manually INSTALL MSDN SETUP and got an error message, "A strong SA password is required for security reasons. please use SAPWD switch to supply the same. " 

Knowing program has worked before and thinking the attempts to uninstalled both the vb6 program and the MSDE I made it worse by finding the full SQL 2000 cd in order to use the full uninstall feature, but the uninstall button was blacked out. I proceeded to installed SQL2000 and with redoing an wiping clean using the SQL2000 uninstall feature but have read how that was not a good idea because of  MTS COMPONENTS and STUFF?? and how both use different system Dlls and can overwrite each other and cause conflicts.

Can anyone help? I know this program works on original install. Am on XP Pro and have used System Restore, even that didn’t wipe everything off.

Thank you in advance.
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Guy Hengel [angelIII / a3]Connect With a Mentor Billing EngineerCommented:
The solution is to rebuild the setup package, in order to skip the installation of MSDE if MSDE/SQL is already installed :-)
if that isn't a option:
* Get the file & registry state
* Install the program on a clean pc
* compare the registry state -> Diff -> can be applied on other PC

Now, for Upgrade of installations of that program, you can do the same procedure, however you will have to remove any references in the DIFF to the msde, because otherwise it will erase your nice database files :-)
Another way for the upgrade:
install a clean pc with the new version, and just copy over the new program files / dll / ocx etc on the other config & register the dll/ocx etc ...


jedannerAuthor Commented:

question on rebuildings setup package: how do you begin that? what program do you suggest to build the setup?

It's ok if database files are deleted, nothing is in them. Do I search the register using the find option for "DIFF" and delete those instances (how do you know if they relate to msde)? Lol, I'm brand new at this. :)

thank you angelIII.

Eugene ZConnect With a Mentor Commented:

all for you:

HOW TO: Manually remove SQL Server 2000 default, named, or virtual instance:
HOW TO: Manually Remove a Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Desktop Engine (MSDE 2000) Instance
How To Distribute the Microsoft Data Engine (MSDE) With the Package and Deployment Wizard (PDW)
jedannerAuthor Commented:
THANK YOU VERY MUCH. Tremendous help angelIII and EugeneZ!
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