Router Configurations Screwed

I recently purchased an hp pavilion a650y, had a tech come to my home and configure a wireless linksys router with my downstairs computer, both on Windows XP Home Edition:  Router Configuration--

Router IP:  192.168.**.*
Router Name:  ***
Wireless Channel:  11
WEP Passphrase:  *******
WEP Key #1:  **********
Router User Name:  *****
Router Password:  *******

*To check for unauthorized use of network, go to Status, Local Network, and DHCP Ckient Table.

The above is the info the tech left for me if I needed to fix the home network.  I was trying to setup sharing of a folder between upstairs and downstairs.  Now, first I couldn't get on internet at all, then I disconnected router, let it reset, and was able to connect to internet.  Still, someohow, on my downstairs computer, the network configuration are screwed and I've lost my Mshome group.  Trying to fix, I screwed it more.  Question is, how do I make sure that the above Router configuration are set again between the two computers?  How do I get back to my original Mshome group (everything seems to be there, I just can't access it any more).  For example, when I click START, there used to be a MY NETWORK PLACES, now I must click MY COMPUTER, and then MY NETWORK PLACES, which is empty (nada).  I must now in MY (empty) NETWORK PLACES, click VIEW NETWORK CONNECTIONS, which are LOCAL AREA CONNECTION TYPE, LAN OR HIGH-SPEED INTERNET,(REALTEK RTL8139/810x FAMILY FAST ETHNET NIC), and 1394 CONNECTION, TYPE LAN OR HIGH-SPEED INTERNET, 1394 NET ADAPTER.  if, on the 1394, I click "Repair the connection," I get TCP/IP is not enabled for this connection.  Cannot proceed.  This is where I think my problem is, but ever the other connection the LOCAL AREA (REALTEK RTL8139/810x FAMILY FAST ETHNET NIC), I have somehow altered.  Bottom line, and I've tried a ROLLBACK, how can I return both to the original settings, i.e. I listed them above about which I speak, but I didn't put in the secret stuff (i.e. the asterisks are symbols or letters and/or numbers).  If you need the real infor to help me correct this, I'll give 'em to you and just change them myself. (That I have a WEB says the tech made special effort to make a special Router Configuration on a Wireless Channel.  Please help.

P.S.  One last thing, part of my problem, or my adding insult to injury was going to a Forward Port place on the Linksys system to open ports to bypass my FireWall.  This led to problems with software like eDonkey, LimeWire, in that I can't even use them now.  All these problems have come out of me screwing my Router Configuration for two computers:  Upstairs and Downstairs.  Finally, if possible, try to e-mail me a solution at  In advance, thanks.
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c0dejunkieConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Additional things to check:

Go to your Control Panel and open Network Settings, then right-click your Wireless Connection item and make sure it has a "Disable" option. If it has an "Enable" option, select it.
Right-click your Wireless Connection item again and select Properties. Choose the Security tab and verify if the Internet Connection Firewall is currently turned on (checked). Since you are behind the router, you may elect to turn off this option, which will allow more connectivity between your machines. Please note this will technically make the system more vulnerable, and if you were to choose to set the router DMZ to point to your machine, it would open it up for potential exploits.
(DMZ is used to forward all traffic that was not initiated by a computer within the local network to a specific address within the network that router is attached to)

That's all I can suggest without more information.
A couple things to try/check:

Go to your Control Panel and open Network Settings, then right-click your Wireless Connection item and select Properties. Make sure that the following three items are enabled/checked;
    Client for Microsoft Networks
    File and Printer Sharing
    Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)

Highlight (single-click) "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)" and click the Properties button. In most cases, the properties should be set to "Obtain an IP address automatically" and "Obtain DNS server address automatically". This -may- not be true in all cases, but it is generally the most reliable unless you are making specific port forwards (which you mentioned, but I don't think you need that).

Now "OK" out of all the dialogs and open your System Settings (again from the Control Panel). Select the "Computer Name" tab and look where it tells you the 'Full Computer Name' and 'Domain'. If either of these are undesirable, click the Change button and edit as needed (this is where you would change your Workgroup).

These are just tips for checking the basics. If this doesn't resolve the issues, possibly post your findings based on this and we can go from there.
MordidoAuthor Commented:
I'm sorry.  I just got out of the hospital.  NOthing serious, but I'm playing catch-up on all my backedup mail and posts.  Please give me some time.  Mainly, I want to do a clean install of my system and maintain my router setup.  I purchased by accident a Windows XP Home Edition upgrade which covers or goes over the previous Windows ME, which I didn't want and has led to many Error Messages.  I'm currently deciding whether to purchase a CD of Windows XP Home Edition and do a complete install (i.e Clean Intallation), but I lose $100 for the Upgrade and BestBuy won't reimburse me because I've opened the CD.  So, bottomline is if I do do the Clean Install, how do I keep my current Linksys Wireless Router configuration that were set special to make it even harder to hack?
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