windows 2000 server closes down approx. every two minutes

Windows 2000 server closes down approx every two minutes.   Disconnected the server from the network and it still happened.    Stopped the clock on the server and still problem exists.  Event viewer shows the following errors in order.

Event 34 - the driver didsabled the write cache on device\Device\hard disk 0

Event 6008 - the previous system shutdown at ... on ... was unexpected

Event 6009 - microsoft windows 2000 (R) 5.0.2195 service pack 4 uniprocessor free

Event 6005 - event log was started

Event 9502 - A sap announcement was sent over \device\nslnklpx which is configures for multiple networks but no internal network in configured.   This may prevent machines on some networks from locating the authorised service.

Event 8015 - The browser has forced an election on network \device\nbf-{3 FOCDC60-105E-41BB-8A89-19CC561F704C} because a windows 2000 server (or domain master)browser is started

Event 5774 - Registration of the DNS record '_ldap_tcp .... 600 IN SRV.0.100.389 .... failed with the following error.   DNS operation refused

This error repeated 4 times

Event 8015 repeated

Event 5781 Dynamic registration or deregistration of one or more DNS records failed because no DNS servers are available.

Event 62 -This machine is a PDC of the domain at the root of the forest.   Configure to sync from external time source using the net command 'net time/setsntp

Event 54 - the window time service was not able to find a domain controller.   A time and date update was not possible.

Event 8015
repeated twice
Event 1051 - the DHCP/BINL service has determined that it is not authorised to service clients on this network for the windows domain
The driver disabled the write cache on device\harddisk 0

The D
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Could this be that virus that was going around a couple of months ago, had something to do with the LSA service, anyway it caused servers to reboot every 1 to 2 minutes.

I've seen similar issues that were power related.  Check the following:
Is the server on a UPS?  If so, is it still good?
Are you sure the powersupply is good?
This often happens when you have a UPS configured to shutdown when the battery gets low and you start the server without its connection to the ups.

The solution (if it's that) is to be very quick on the command line and stop the UPS service (NET STOP UPS)

The rest of your errors are an issue, but none of them would cause the shutdown. When you have solved the shutdown issue, clear your logs and reboot and we'll take another look at the erros for you


What I would do is plug the server directly into a new surge strip or just for quick testing (if your building electric is good), plug it directly into the wall and see if it stays up for longer than 2 minutes.  If so, then it's prob. the UPS that is bad.  My guess is that it is not the UPS shutting down the server as it would gracefully shut it down and not leave an unexpected shutdown error.  Bad UPSs tend to just cut power instantly, without warning, and without any notification to the server.  In fact I just had this exact same problem last week with one of my clients.  Replaced the UPS and all was good.
dunckeddieAuthor Commented:
Tracked problem to virus issue, rebuilt server seems ok.

Cheers for your help Dunc...
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