Using DirectX

Hi all,
I'm very new to game programming. However, have just come from Java development. So, I have a pretty good ensight into overall programming. I can also do beginner -to- newb C++.
I have just got into game programming (and want to start off with 3D programming. Because I hate 2D).
Anyways, I was searching eBay, and found a great book; "Special effects game programming in DirectX" brand new, for £15. (It's a BIG book).
However, it assumes that you already know how to use DirectX. Whereas, I do not!
With the book came the DirectX SDK, which I've installed.

However, I have no idea of how to go about using DirectX. I intend to use C++ to make the games. But, any tutorials, or ANYTHING related to DirectX that I should know, please give me! :o)

For example, the book contains snippets of code, which seems to be in C++, however, I don't know how to use them in my own programs!

Any one help please?
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And one tutorial that starts from the very beginning:
Cool, thank you very much, Venabili.
I decided that a tutorial 'that starts from the very beginning' would be best for me, (ie; So, I had a look, and it looks good. However, from there, I went to the Microsoft site, (the DirectX section) to download DirectX SDK 9c.
I downloaded the file from them, then ran it, and it downloaded and installed the 'common components', ect..
Then I rebooted, and... nothing!
I can't see ANY DirectX SDK, no program files directory, dedicated to it.. or any Add/Remove programs item.. NOTHING! :o\
I'm confused.
I had previously installed DirectX SDK 8. I then uninstalled it before downloading the dX SDK 9c version.
Perhaps that has caused some issue? :o\

Any ideas?
thank you.
BTW; my OS: Windows XP home..
I have no idea... I had never had similar troubles...
Okay thanks..
I've tried reinstalling the DirectX 8 SDK (which I have on disk). And, although it had installed fine last week (before I then uninstalled it), it won't install either now. :o\
After I extract the content from the disk, I then try and run the Setup program. However, a window keeps popping up, and giving me this message:

Title:       "16 bit Windows Subsystem"
Message: "C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\AUTOEXEC.NT. The system file is not suitable for running MS-DOS and Microsoft Window applications. Choose 'close' to terminate the application.

Buttons:   "Close"  &  "Ignore"

Then, no matter what button I press; this window closes, and nothing happens. That's it! :o\
Before I ask a new question in another section, do you know of this problem? Or more specfically, a resolution?


By the way using another people questions for your own questions is a little out of the rules:) And shows disrespect to the experts that are going to help you.

Nope... have no idea;(
Argh yeah.. Sorry Venabili! Cheers.
I shall go ask it else where...

thanks alot for your help!
I guess your install files was interrupt.
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