MAS90 files "in use, skipped" for backup using Veritas on SBS2003. Hacked, Unauthorized Access, or Glitch?

While running scheduled backup to removable a removable tape, Veritas encountered numerous files that were "skipped, in use."  These pertained to our accounting software (MAS90). The weird thing is that there was nobody on any of our networked computers at the time when the backup occured. We are running SBS2003, and all accounts with access to that part of the domain were not active at the time.  Is it possible that this is a glitch relating to MAS90?  

It may be helpful that twice in the last week, the backup has encountered one file - activate.pvx which it determined was corrupt (could not verify).  This occured when I tried running the backup while the software was in use.  However, yesterday was the first time that we had the numerous data files which *appeared* to be open at the time of backup.

ANY assistance with this would be appreciated. At this point I am hoping very much that it is a glitch relating to the accounting software.  We have a good internet firewall (which I have tested; all ports are in stealth mode). I will check this post often to provide additional info (except of course IPs, etc).  
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I've run into that with our tax prep software but in every case, it was one or 2 lone workstations that still had the netwrok app running.  Occasionally, if a user disconnects improperly, one of our database applications will "think" a user still has files open and fail on an "in use" upon backup.  I haven't had any of these problems with our MAS90 and Veritas backup, but our MAS90 users are usually in and out...the tax and dbase apps will run most of the day and are easily forgotten about in the background.  Just a speculation, but is it possible a user was logged in to MAS90 from their company laptop and just yanked the cat 5 out when they went home instead of logging out properly?  You posted correctly...I just don't know what to suggest.
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Does nobody have any suggestions as to how to proceed here?  I just enrolled in Experts Exchange, which I have found to be a useful resource through google in the past.  Am I doing something wrong???

Please assist if possible, or perhaps some kind soul can point me in the right direction if I am making mistakes in how  I posted this.

bake_itAuthor Commented:
Thank you for responding. Since posting, we have had a MAS90 specialist in who determined that the problem was due to some glitch in the program's configuration. However, I believe that you are correct in suggesting that the confusion in the database is caused by users doing exactly what you said - forgetting to close out MAS90 before shutting down their computer.  We use MAS90 for all our accounting stuff and I have found it to be quite a headache that requires frequent maintenance.  This might be due to, or exaggerated by the fact that we usually have at least 2 or 3 users in the system all day long, running in the background.  

I am glad to see that there is at least one other person on here who uses MAS90. Have you (or anyone else who reads this post) upgraded to the latest version yet?  I am looking forward to the alleged improvements, but very concerned about the transition.  

MAS90 is really overkill for us (which is ironic, as we are a CPA firm).  We're on an older version.  I help out on the accounting side of things when the workload gets too high, but my main job function is in-house IT and being outsourced for IT needs at our accounting clients.  I'll definately agree MAS90 is a headache manufacturer at times.  We use it here as does one of my clients.  Replacing a workstation running MAS90 is always one of my least favorite steps in the upgrade process...expecially if the support contract is not current!  Our last "computer guy" upgraded MAS90 when I think v3.7 came out and it was a broken upgrade.  By the time I replaced him, he had reverted to 3.6 and that's where I've kept it.  I fugure as long as it does what we need it to do and we don't need the extra bells and whistles, might as well keep what works.  I think we only have about 4 of the modules actually licensed and in use, anyway.  Small firm, and we use other programs for many of the features that MAS90 *could* handle.  I think the only reason we got it in the first place was because one of our large clients used it.  Since our clients use many different software packages and defex us a cd or zip disk w/ their year-end info, we have many accounting programs, depreciation and asset management programs, etc.  We were a MAS90 reseller at one point before I came on board.  I've only taken some petty freebie intro classes on crystal report designing inside MAS90 and never used any other feature in it.  I'll leave that to the accountants haha.....give me a program that lets you delete transactions instead of having to reverse my thousands of typos uncaught until 20 entries and 19 posts later haha.  Thanks for posting back what was determined to be the problem.
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