Windows Xp Pro Update error message 0x8DDD0002

I am getting this message when I try to use Windows Update.

"To install items from Windows Update, you must be logged
on as an administrator or a member of the Administrators
group. If your computer is connected to a network, network
policy settings might also prevent you from completing this
procedure. [Error number: 0x8DDD0002]"

This has never happened before.  
I am logged in as System Administrator.

These updates all labeled (sp2) have been added K810243,
Q322011, Q327797, Q814995, & Q819696 with Automatic Updates.

I tried the previously published article Q316524 fix with
no positive results.

None of the other computers on this network are experiencing the same problem.
The other 5 computers can download updates without any difficulties.

Please help!

Dell Dimension 4550 on a LAN (6)

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I managed to fix the Windows Update error 0x8DDD0002 by re-installing Windows XP... I was prepared to loose all of my installed programs, but the Dell OEM Windows XP disc allowed me to perfom an "Upgrade" install...and I was able to keep all of my programs, settings and documents (I had to un-install Windows XP SP2 first).  I subsequently was able to install SP2 without any issues.  It could have been more of a nightmare (I think I was lucky).  So...if you still have an XP disc that came with your Dell, you might want to try it.
addoesAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your suggestionTosh9iii.  I will not be returning to the office until Monday morning.  I will try that solution after I see what other solutions are posted if any.  

Thank you

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if that doesnt work try running ieeradicator which can be found free on the internet it will completely remove internet explorer and windows update so be ready to reinstall internet explorer after its done it should work I have tryed the same remedy for the same isssue as a technichian.
addoesAuthor Commented:
Additional update information.

This is the url Windows Update uses when I receive the error# 0x8DDD0002.
When I open IE6 and type in the url below I can get in to Windows Update

This windows says Welcome to Windows Update Catalog
<> Find updates for Microsoft Windows operating systems

I press the right arrow and it takes me to Microsoft Windows operating
system select window.

I select Windows XP Professional SP1 and then press search.

I then get the Your search returned xx results window.

Critical Updates and Service Packe (xx)
Multi-Language Features (xx)
Recommended Updates (xx)

I then press the desired updates and it takes me to the Window that shows
me what is listed in that category.

I added 1 item and downloaded it successfully as far as I know.

Tried Windows Update again from the Start/Help & Support and it gave me
the same error message I originally wrote about.

With this added information does this help to root out the problem I am having?

There are two ways of getting SP2

1) the network installation of 266 mb

2) From Internet Explorer_Tools_Windows Update

Have you tried both ways
addoesAuthor Commented:
Have already downloaded Service Pack 2 (272mb) from the Microsoft Support site.

I am reluctant to load Service Pack 2 until I know more about what potentially can happen.

A good friend loaded Service Pack 2 on his AMD Athlon computer (Aug 28, 04) running Windows XP Pro.  He cannot get on the Internet as a result.  SBC, who provides his DSL service, was unable to help him get it going.  I cannot risk this, at the office, as part of my job is to surf the Internet looking for prospects for our business.

I appreciate your suggestion.

Have you found a solution to your problem ?  I just developed the same issue (today), and it seems that we do have one thing in common...a Dell (4600) computer.  There is another person with the same problem...also a Dell...who has tried many fixes to no avail...see the following:

Sorry for the post without a constructive suggestion, but maybe one of the fixes listed in the other post will work for you (if you haven't seen it already).

I also downloaded SP2 from the MS support site and tried installing it in an attempt to correct the same Windows Update error (0x8DDD0002) as suggested above. SP2 DID install successfully (after an unsuccessful Automatic Update attempt to install SP2), but it DID NOT correct the Windows Update error. (I haven't had any other problems yet after installing SP2)
addoesAuthor Commented:

I will try your fix when I get back to the office on Friday.  I assume the uninstall of Service Pack 2 is through the Control Panel Add/Remove Programs.  I do have all of the Dell install disk and will do an "Upgrade" install as described above.  

I will do this on Friday and if it works for me as it did for you I will consider this as the accepted answer to the problem.

Thanks for the help.


Yes, I uninstalled SP2 using Add/Remove Programs...

When re-installing XP, I also needed toi find some drivers (video, modem) which, fortunately, Dell left on the hard drive (I'm not on that machine right now, but I believe they were in windows\system32\drivers\[video;modem]).

I also got a blue screen error in the middle of re-installing XP (which had me concerned), but after re-booting XP Setup picked up where it left off and finished without a problem.

Good luck.
addoesAuthor Commented:

Tried the fix you suggested and it worked 100%.  Did not run into any difficulties at all following the steps you provided in that fix.

Thanx for all the help.


Glad it worked !  I was definitely thinking nightmare when I first saw the error.


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