cloning ntfs partition on the same hard drive.

How do you clone a ntfs patrition with windows xp pro on it to another ntfs
partition on the same physical disk ?
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philby11Connect With a Mentor Commented:
If you are using Ghost then go to Ghost advanced, Clone & you are there.
I recommend making a rescue disk first.
Which disk-imaging utility do you use ?
Why would you want to clone a partition to the same physical disk?
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joncolbyAuthor Commented:
Norton wont work....
My problem is a more advanced that most.

I use a Lenten reborn PCI Card... It kicsk major @$$ !
I t is a multi-os boot card and a hard drive restore card.
this is one of the best products I have ever seen and I think everyone should have one.
I used to use XOSL before this.

Anyway, I created 2 20 gig NTFS Partitions with the reborn card so I could have two choices of windows xp pro.
one that I use a lot and another for special purpose.
I got the first one perfect, and want to clone it to the other ntfs partition. Now I have to go about it in a 'round about way'
because the lenten card hides partitinos on my hard drive. it is really powerfull card.
everyone should try one.
Anyway I want to find a way to clone a xp setup on a system with a reborn card.

-Jon C.
joncolbyAuthor Commented:
P.S. I hve tried acrons, powerquest drive image 7 and norton ghost to put images on a seccond hard disk
and then tried to 'restore them to the other partition after I boot to it with the lenten carrd, but it dosent seem to wrork.
Hopefully I am not the only one on this site that has tried this.

this card blows the socks off the
hdsafe card
and the magiccard

Ive tried them all,
the reborn works with linux and every other OS
and you can pick what amout of buffer you want and tons of other cool options
and it has a KILLER boot GUI.
considering this reborn card is essentially a module that seems to prevents permanent writes to the system, I'm gonna go ahead and say you should pull the card out/disable its functionality and then ghost away, then re-enable/reinstall the card.

Personally, I think deep freeze is a better product by far. Software based and many many orders of magnitude less administrative overhead.
joncolbyAuthor Commented:
how does deep freeze work with multi boot ? Can it work with linux ?
What happens if it corrupts ?
joncolbyAuthor Commented:
I need to test it out on another machine I guess.
Can you disable the reborn card? Would it have a similar interface to something like HD Sherrif?

Deep Freeze is windows/osx software that, if I remember the sales pitch correctly, sits at a very low level beneath the operating system. Writes to disk aren't committed and are wiped out after a reboot. It's design is for consistency and last mile protection against user error or malicious users. (Like the time between a virus release and virus definition). It works with multiboot, but each part needs to be windows. I recommend it in enterprises because 1.) most enterprises run mostly windows 2.) most enterprises have fairly aggressive hardware turnover rates. It has a very network-friendly implementation which means that you don't have to swap in and out of machines and that all your workstations can be managed from a single administrative console. It's very neat.

The point of this, however, is that I recall that if you were going to go multi-boot on a deep freeze installed machine, you had to first disable the protection scheme on the first OS before installing the second or you'd get a bevy of errors.
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