Web server behind a router

This question has been asked numerous times, but none of the answers that i found work.

I want to run a web server from behind my linksys wireless-g with speedbooster router.  Before i installed the router, everthing worked fine, now it doesnt.  this link on the linksys website doesnt work, i cannot find the advanced tab under setup.

A little info on my setup:  running xp pro,  cable modem, IIS 5.1,  using no-ip.com to update my dynamic ip.

whenever I try to go to my site (which is http://www.mywebsite.no-ip.com )  i get a box asking for my username and password for the linksys router, not my website.  I know that because it says "router" in that box, but for my website, i use integrated windows authenication, so the box should say nothing but username and password.

Also, could someone educate my a little bit on how the router works (not physically) (like internal ip, external, mac address etc.)  just some basic knowlege please.

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GitchoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Look for a tab called "Forwarding" (or Port Range Forwarding) in the Applications and Gaming tab.  

Get your internal IP address by clicking on the STATUS tab (192.168.1.??) ... or by opening a dos prompt & typing IPCONFIG  ... it will start with 192.168...

Enter the port range from 80 -> to -> 80, and the destination IP address as your internal IP (192.168.1.whatever) ... if you have a TCP checkbox, click it, and leave the UDP checkbox blank (if available) ... Check the "Enable" box and click OK.

To make sure your local webserver is working, open up IE, and type "localhost" in the address bar.  If you see your pages, you should be good to go.  If not, then your webserver isn't configured correctly.
kylen1010Author Commented:
O yea, the topic on the linksys knowlege base for setting up a webserver doesnt work, i cannot find the advanced tab in step 6
Go to the port-forwarding tab, and forward port 80 to your internal IP.
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There's some good reading on the basiscs of routers and switches here :


BTW, because security sucks on those routers, it's recommended you use WEP, don't broadcast your SSID, AND filter MAC addresses. Using WPA is ideal (you may have to get a firmware upgrade), because it only takes a couple hours to crack WEP on those things.

i have an speedtouch modem, WRT54G, xp pro and iis webserver
It works fine for me, maybe i can help you with your settings?
Like Gitcho stated, you need to set up PORT FORWARDING in your router config.  Most routers configs are located at IP

Even if you have port forwarding set up, you need to have your connection settings set up properly.

Now for a web server, you want your server to have a fixed IP - the ip is given by the router as in INTERNAL IP.  Since the router itself is most likely assigned itself the IP, the DHCP function will dynamically assign your computer one like 192.168.0.* (where * is a number between 1 and 255).  Now this number needs to be the same since you will be forwarding posts to this address.  So go into your CONNECTION PROPERTIES then TCP/IP properties.  Use the IP address you choose (I use for my server).  Subnet mask will be and the GATEWAY is the router's internal IP of

Then in your router config area, set the ports you will be using to forward to IP
80 = http
21 = ftp

Note that with some routers/servers you need to access the web pages from OUTSIDE the network.

Hope this helps.

kylen1010Author Commented:
I found a tab the says advanced routing.  It asks for
      Destination LAN IP:  . . .      
      Subnet Mask:  . . .      
      Default Gateway:  . . .      
      Interface: . . .

Is this what i am looking for? If so, what do i need to type in those?

I am using wep, i disabled ssid broadcast, but how do i find the mac address of a computer that i want in the network?  My firmware is up to date and it does not have wpa as an option in security mode.

kylen1010Author Commented:
sorry avidya and dynaweb, i was typing when you posted

dynaweb - i realize that i need to setup port forwarding, but i do no know how or where to edit port forwarding.

avidya - where are the settings for port forwarding?  I have model WRT54GS and the firmware is up to date.

Thanks all!
Let me know if my post works ... I believe you have to click on the advanced tab on the WRT54G ...

If you're not having any luck, post the names of the tabs here ...
If you're only using your PC for personal use, and don't need to share your site with the world, I WOULD NOT forward any other ports to your local IP than port 80.  There's far too many script kiddies scanning IP's for open ports.  The general rule is to lock down everything, and only open ports if you have to.  

BTW, if you haven't changed the default admin password for your WRT54G, I would do it right now.  It's not too hard to get into your router's admin remotely, even if remote access is turned off (see http://it.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=04/06/03/0337205&tid=193&tid=215).

"i realize that i need to setup port forwarding, but i do no know how or where to edit port forwarding"

Your port forwarding is set up in the router config settings.
Basically, you can find answers to any of your router-related questions here:
kylen1010Author Commented:
I emailed linksys customer support and their soulution was to go to Applications and Gaming,
Port Range Forward, then type in something in the application name, type 80 in the start and end boxes,
select both, enter the last digits of your internal ip, and check enable.

After i read that in the email i did it and it worked.  But i just realized that Gitcho told me to do the same exact
thing and i must have missed it.  My fault.

Thanks to Gitcho!

Thanks for all your attempts avidya and dynaweb!!!

For other people who have this same problem in the future - the port range forward tab is under the applications and gaming tab,
and NOT the advanced tab, as Gitcho thought.
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