fifa 2002 wont work on XP!

how can i get fifa 2002 to work on Windows xp, as soon as the match is loading, it closes back to the desktop, help!
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John PareConnect With a Mentor Commented:
LOL... Come on Man!
Click Support > Next Page >  Clicl Technical Support > Next Page > OPtion #5 Updated - Where can I get technical support for my country/language? > There's e-mail addresses here (not for US though). There's also a selection of boxes to help you find what you need.

For 20 points you might not get much more than this - try seeing if there's a patch or known issues with any of your hardware,

Deb :))
Darkstar_666Author Commented:
i dont have any more points
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John PareCommented:

This issue may occur if 2002 FIFA World Cup by Electronic Arts is installed. There is a known compatibility issue between this program and the Microsoft software that is listed at the beginning of this article. (Windows XP)
Contact Electronic Arts to report this issue and to receive additional support. To do so, visit the following Electronic Arts Web site:

Microsoft provides third-party contact information to help you find technical support. This contact information may change without notice. Microsoft does not guarantee the accuracy of this third-party contact information.

~john  aka:jopa
Darkstar_666Author Commented:
i cant find an email address there or anythin to get in touch with them
John PareCommented:
Click the suppoert link at the top of the page. I don't know what else to suggest.

~john  aka:jopa
Darkstar_666Author Commented:
i tried but its just searchin through commonly asked q's etc, i guess i will ave to take the game bak to the shop :-(
Darkstar_666Author Commented:
oh yeh, lol, thanks
they also have answers on their site...

  I am getting an Invalid page fault in module Kernel32.dll
  Try running disk cleanup to clear Windows temp, as well as reinstalling Internet Explorer 6 (Which replaces some windows files.)

Changing Internet Connection settings - Check start > settings > control panel > Internet options > Connections. If this is set to "always dial my default connection", change it to "never dial my default connection", then run game. If that does not work, try connecting to the Internet, then playing the game.

Make sure video hardware acceleration level is set to full.
  The game is crashing from the start.
  Issues with the safedisk program on the cd-rom. In these cases try these steps:

1) Right Click on 'my computer' ->Properties-> Device Manager->Left-Click on the '+' next to cd-rom-> Look to see what cd-rom drives are there.
a)Right-Click on the cd-rom in question-> Properties -> settings -> Check drive letter assignment *Make note which drive is lowest*
Repeat this step for the other cd drives.

2) If installed w/ any drive other than the cd-rom drive:
a)Uninstall the game -> Empty Windows Temp Folder-> re-boot comp. -> Close Background Applications -> Re-install using the cd-rom drive.
(If there are multiple 'CD-ROM drives, make sure it's the one with the lowest drive letter assignment.)

3) Device Manager -> '+'cd-rom -> Double-click on the cd-rom that is used for the game (lowest drive letter assignment) -> settings:
a) Try checking Sync data transfer (or un-checking) restart comp, and then try game.

4) Try placing an audio cd in the other drives and try game.

5) Adjust cd-rom settings:
a) Right-Click 'my computer'-> properties-> performance-> file system button-> cd-rom tab->
Set 'optimize access pattern to no read-ahead' (or to quad speed or higher if already set to no read-ahead)->apply
Adjust the supplimental cache size to far left (or far right if already set to left)-> apply

6) Open explorer and leave it open in the background and then try game.
- to do this Double click the My Computer icon, then right click the CD Game icon, and select EXPLORE..
- While the explorer window is open, launch the game through Start-> Programs-> EA Sports-> Madden 2002

7) If the CD-ROM has a higher drive letter assignment than the other cd drives, it may be necessary to adjust the cd drives' drive letter designation

a) Right-Click on 'my computer' -> Properties-> Device Manager-> Left-Click on '+' cd-rom->Double- click CD-RW or DVD drive (not CD-ROM)-> Settings
Start drive letter to 'M', End drive letter to 'M'-> Apply-> Double Click used CD-ROM drive-> settings->
Start drive letter assignment to (whatever is the lowest drive availiable, probably D: or E: -> Apply
Double-click on the same drive as before (CD-RW or DVD) ->settings->
Start drive letter = next one after cd-rom drive (E: or F:), End drive letter= same-> Apply-> Ok-> restart comp.
Un-Install the game->Empty Temp-> Restart comp-> Close Background applications-> reinstall w/ full instillation. Try game.
how do i change my hardware acceleration level?
for video:
select the SETTINGS tab and then click the ADVANCED button
select the TROUBLESHOOT tab
adjust the slider as desired
click APPLY, then OK, then OK again to accept the change

for audio:
In Control Panel, double-click the Sounds and Audio Devices icon (or just run mmsys.cpl).
On the Audio tab, select a device from the Sound Playback list.
Click the Advanced button.
Click the Performance tab.
At this point, you should see two sliders that are labeled Hardware acceleration
1. Simply do not upgrade to Service Pack 2.

2. Do not upgrade to DirectX 9.0

3. Set the compatibility mode to Win2000.

This works on my PC.

Good Luck!
John PareCommented:
I still think my original research on his problem is valid.

I suggest a split between jopa, turn123 and me
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