Getting a VisionPlus VisionDTV SAT-C1

and have a Sky Digital subscription & dish.

How do I/What do I need to setup so I can watch satellite tv on my pc and on others if necessary?
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matthew1471Connect With a Mentor Commented:
That wouldnt allow sharing through mutliple PC's unless he used 1 PC as a server..

I have mine setup as follows :

1 Hauppage Nicam Stereo PCI card
1 Digital Video Sender (& Reciever)
1 scart lead
1 male to male (I think) scart converter

You can buy additional recievers...

On Sky Digital turn down the volume in the settings otherwise the sound will make every shouting person sound like sammy snake....

You would need to buy additional analogue capture cards and recievers but it wouldnt exceed the price of buying a TV

(I bought my Wireless Video sender from maplins.co.uk they have one for £30 & my Hauppage from Scan.co.uk)
I would get an ATI all in wonder card. http://www.ati.com/products/radeon9800/aiw9800pro/ This is a pretty high end one but they make many others.
Serotonin_X_InfiniteAuthor Commented:

Sounds fine, tks
Serotonin_X_InfiniteAuthor Commented:
I have an ATi 9800 XT. Upgrading to X800 XT. Other server has modded 9800 SE to Pro. Can you mod a modded card i.e. if I wanted to mod that card to an XT (using the google guide)?
Glad to be of help :)

I'm not totally familiar with ATI products, your best bet would be to start a new question in the hardware section so people who know the answer can read it :)

Thanks again for the points :) Hope you get what you wanted :)
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