Is VTP mandatory to run if you have multiple switches and multiple VLANs?

My cisco book is making it sound like you MUST run VTP if you have multiple VLANs spanning over multiple switches. Is this true?   I'm running IOS 11.2 (8) SA4 enterprise edition.  

ps: What happens if you mix and match IOS's ?  Some support VTP while others dont right?
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JFrederick29Connect With a Mentor Commented:
You don't have to run VTP on your switches.  VTP propogates VLAN changes throughout your network, easing administration if you have numerous switches.  You can manually create VLAN's on each switch and produce the same outcome.  If you only have a couple switches, the overhead of VTP is not necessary.  As long as you don't set a VTP domain name on your switches, VTP will not be used.
Don JohnstonInstructorCommented:
Well, in a way it's true...

You can't turn VTP off. The closest you can come to turning off VTP is to set it to transparent mode.

dissolvedAuthor Commented:
Thanks Don.  On another note, what happens if you run different IOS versions on your switches. Will it effect anything?
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