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Posted on 2004-08-21
Last Modified: 2012-05-05

I have a form in a windows app with a datagrid attached to it which gets its data from the datatable which i build through some XML data.  Problem is when i want to go back into the form and change the data in the table it won't let me.  I have tried reseting, clearing and others but hink i am missing something fairly basic.

Your help would be appreciated - The code i have is below

    Sub datagrider()
        Dim DataTable As New Data.DataTable("FileContents")
        Dim l As Integer

        With DataTable.Columns
            .Add("Account Name")
        End With

        Dim newIt As ListViewItem
        Dim nodelist As XmlNodeList = xmlDoc.SelectNodes("/deid/deFile")
        Dim node As XmlNode

        l = -1
        For Each node In nodelist
            If node.SelectSingleNode("Template_id").InnerText = lblid.Text Then ' where lblid is selected detail on another form
                l += 1
                With DataTable.Rows
                    .Add(New Object() {})
                    .Item(l).Item(0) = node.SelectSingleNode("Template_id").InnerText
                    .Item(l).Item(1) = node.Attributes("fleid").InnerText
                    .Item(l).Item(2) = node.SelectSingleNode("Account_Name").InnerText
                End With
            End If

        Dim GridStyle As DataGridTableStyle = New DataGridTableStyle()

        With DataGrid1
            .DataSource = ds1.Tables(0)
        End With

          Catch otherexcep As Exception
           MsgBox(otherexcep.Message, , "Exception")
           Exit Sub
           End Try
        AddHandler ds1.Tables(0).RowChanged, New DataRowChangeEventHandler(AddressOf OnRowChanged)

    End Sub

Help would be greatly appreciated as i need this real urgent like


Question by:cafferm
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Accepted Solution

DotNetLover_Baan earned 500 total points
ID: 11864674
Hi there,
where are you updating data ? I don't see the code for that. Here you are just populating the table with the XML data. How are you updating it ?

Author Comment

ID: 11866750

I am updating it through the addhandler - when they change a cell in the datagrid it updates the xml file

    Private Shared Sub OnRowChanged(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal args As DataRowChangeEventArgs)
        Dim nodelist As XmlNodeList = xmlDoc.SelectNodes("/deid/deFile")
        Dim node As XmlNode

        For Each node In nodelist
            If node.Attributes("fleid").Value = args.Row("fleid").ToString() Then
                node.SelectSingleNode("Amount").InnerText = args.Row("Account_Name").ToString()
            End If
    End Sub

so the changes for this actually happen as they type it in.  The problem i have is when they leave this and load new data which i need to insert into the grid which is set by the line in hte code

 If node.SelectSingleNode("Template_id").InnerText = lblid.Text Then ' where lblid is selected detail on another form



Author Comment

ID: 11867964
Problem Solved

ds1.Tables.Clear() at the top - this then caused an error in the grid style section (not shown in the code below)  but i just removed this if it was there and then readded it

thanks anyway

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