Time Synchronization cisco switch and hosts

My cisco switch is running  ntp protocol, and it is getting the time from the internet. i would like to configure the switch to broadcast the time to all connected PC's on its interface.
is there any way to do this???
if Yes please tell me.....
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on AIX server, yes, ust tell the clients the NTP server name or IP
and of course be running the time server.

for windows clients to windows 2000 server
Windows 2000
 With the integrated service "w32time.exe" Windows 2000 makes it possible to function as NTP server or client. To activate this service, the missing parameters have to be entered into the registry and the "time service" has to be started. The "time service" can be found in "administrativ tools - services - windows time". It should be started by choosing startup time "automatic". (One can start and stop the time service with the command line "net start w32time" and "net stop w32time".) The necessary parameters for this service can be found in the registry at the following location:
A documentation of the parameters can be found at Microsoft.

To run Windows 2000 as NTP client, the IP address of the time server is necessary (parameter: "ntpserver" or command line "net time /setsntp[:NTP-Serverliste]"). The synchronisation period standard is every 8 hours (parameter: "Period" = "SpecialSkew"). This period can also be changed: For example to synchronise 24 times a day, the parameter "Period" must have "REG_DWORD" with the decimal entry 24.

Windows 2000 also can be run as NTP server: The registry parameter "LocalNTP" needs to be changed from "0" to "1". After restarting the service, any NTP/SNTP client can ask the Windows 2000 server for time. To check the "time service" the tool "w32tm.exe" can be used while the time service is disabled. Help can be found by using "w32tm /?".

Interesting question.  I just ran through the various ntp commands on a catalyst switch (6000) flavor and I don't see that you can do it.  What cisco switch and switch OS are you running?
You could do it, maybe, if ya have a router attached.  Take a look at this cisco page:


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You need a layer 3 switich or switch with route module installed
Forgot to include the reason.
The reason for this is simple enough.
What do switches do in th eoverall scheme of networks?
They  break up collision domains. They don't break up broadcast domains unless they are routing.
Since I don't think most cisco switches serve NTP, why not just intsall NTP clients on your workstations and have them synchronize from the same NTP server as your switch?

victory323Author Commented:
I have a catalyst switch (4000) L3 with OS 12.1 ,,,,,
installing NTP server is a good idea but still it does not satisfy my needs.
victory323Author Commented:
if i'm running time sync. on AIX servers, can i tell windows client to get the time from AIX.
if i want to use NTP (windows)server,,, what do i need?? , and what is the right way to do it??
Oh, btw I did this on my network Windows 2000) at work and it works great. All machines have the same time. Which is real handy for me since I don't wear a watch.
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