A Ghost of a problem

I've used Norton's Ghost for a couple of years with no problems both to make images of partitions and restore them, until yesterday.
 I have my 2 HDDs divided into 4 partitions each, with 2 of these partitions holding Ghost images of the other 6 partitions. I back up to Ghost images about every 2/3 weeks. I did this yesterday, successfully for 5 of the partitions, but unsuccessfully for Drive 'D' which contains only my photos.
 I already have a successful Ghost copy of 'D' some 5 weeks old, so it has worked OK in the past with no problem. Now, however, I went through the normal set up procedure, and it related Source Disc2(Photo (D)) Destination J:\D Drive 21 08 04.gho Approx size of Backup Image 4934MB This all seems normal to me! (For info 'My computer shows this Drive as 7760MB used & 112821 Free).
 The PC reboots as normal and then shows its normal screen of the process, but the figures are all wrong! It shows 114996 MB used,? and 1:55:20 time, so it looks like it really does mean to copy the whole partition including the blank bits, which it shouldn't do. Also note that it is showing this '?' sign which I have not seen before and which I must assume is significant, or is it.
Please note:- the ? is not correct but that is all I can send here; in fact it should be a 'semi quaver' sign, as in music!
 Various attempts both yesterday and today have the same result. Has anyone got any advise please. I Know that I could simply take a DVD, or HDD copy of the files themselves, but that is hardly the point is it.
By the way I'm using XP Pro.
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wjalConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I think it is time to restore that partition from the last available good image. You can always use Ghost Explorer to add in any new data.

Sohel RanaCommented:
Hi there:

Did you check your computer by any antivirus software? If not, please run some virus scan software.

DavidBirch2dotComConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I assume you defrag these drives when you are down creating and deleting backups, it could easily cause problems.  Try just checking the partitions using partition management program, try adding an taking a gig off of a drive in order to re-assert the drive size...

if all else fails you have a back-up of the partition, delete then reformat that partition which should sovle the problem

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Your problem might be here: "I've used Norton's Ghost for a couple of years"; if the version you're using is older than 7.5/2002, it only worked until now by pure luck.

Ghost compatibility with Windows XP

Introduction to cloning a Windows NT, Windows 2000, or Windows XP computer
ItsMe2Author Commented:
Norton antivirus is fully uptodate, auto checked Friday, and just now because of your request. Spybot and Adaware also show nothing.
I defrag before I make a Ghost image, always.
I've had a look at the drives using Windows management and all looks well to me.
I'll use Partition Magic to move a GB off and then on again and see what happens.
I took a straight copy of the files onto the drive which normally holds the Ghost copy, and so I have an uptodate backup of the photos.
I'll report on what I manage, or not, to do.
I still wonder where on earth the music notes came from and why.
ItsMe2Author Commented:
Your comments are beatinfg my replies, not that I'm complaining mind you.
The Ghost I am now using is part of Norton 2003 Pro, bought November 2002, hence the 2 year comment. According to the box it is fully compatable with XP and anyway, Live update keeps it that way.
Sohel RanaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi ItsMe2:

This article may give you some idea which is related to your problem:

Nprotect reports wrong partition size on large drives in Windows NT :


ItsMe2Author Commented:
Thanks rsdn, interesting but I can't connect that lot with my problem. I'm just thick I suppose.
I'm going to attack the partition tomorrow, when I will have time to hopefully sort out the shambles that may be created.
These music notes though!
Sohel RanaCommented:
I will post back if I find exact solution.

ItsMe2Author Commented:
Well wasn't that interesting!
I tried knocking off and then adding a GB to the partition, but that made no difference at all.
Formating seemed a bit of a waste of time since I had a Ghost image available anyway, which puts itself onto the drive in place of anything else that is there, so I restored from that.
Then I brought the photos up to date from the saved copy.
Then I tried to take a Ghost image of this.
All looked OK, with no sign of the music symbol, and the sizes and times looked right too; however after about 30% up comes a message; Abort:3600, A general Exception has occured, abort details to ghosterr.txt . Please contact Symantec Tech Support. Then there was a load of code about a general protection fault in RMCB followed by instructions on how to return to Windows, which when followed said that the program (it can't spell either) too big to fit in memory and then repeats the same instruction. All of which is getting dafter by the minute. So I have to press the quick restart button to progress.
Search can't find this ghosterr.txt file either.
Knowing that Symantec's site is not the easiest, I go there, and discover that it has got worse since I I last visited it and now you need 3 PhDs to understand what it is saying, if indeed it is saying anything at all; certainly it is of no help to the normal person, and the place to actually aska question is very well hidden, I couldn't find it!
So I decided to try again, and Eureeka it worked just fine this time. Why? Will I ever know? Will it be OK the next time I want to image that partition? I've since tried 3 other partitions and they image OK. And still I would dearly love to know what the music note was all about, because its not there now.
Anymore comments anyone before I finish off.
ItsMe2Author Commented:
It seems that I'm expecting the impossible, a reason for my problem.
AH Well! I promised 500 points so I suppose that I'd better give them out, even though I don't really think that they are deserved.
Sohel RanaCommented:
Thanks ItsMe2.

Thanks for the points sorry we couldnt be of more assistance

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