setting default browser

I want to setup Opera as the default browser on my PC, but programs still launch IE when accessing the internet

This is what i have done so far
1. Installed Opera
2. Went to Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs > Add/Remove Windows Components > Removed Checkmark next to Internet Explorer
3. Went to Set Program Access and Defaults, used the Non-Microsoft setting
4. Went into Opera and set it as default browser

However, when ever i click on links in emails I have received, links within MSN Messenger, I have Hotmail setup as the default mail - this opens in IE.

Is there anything else i should change to get Opera working as the default browser? Or is this how Microsoft wanted things to work? To have IE work as default browser even though i removed it as well as access to it.
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Hello toasterted =)

When u hit Start, can u see Internet Explorer listed under INTERNET ??
if YES then do this,,,, right click the taksbar>properties>Startmenu>Costumize>and seelct Opera for Internet
apply and now check ??
Also do this

go to my computer --> tools --> folder options --> file types
scroll down to
NONE URL:HyperText Transfer Protocol
click on advanced and then Edit
and in the box that says
Application used to perform action

Remove "C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe" -nohome"
and give the path for opera


toastertedAuthor Commented:
i have checked both of your suggestions and they are both setup with Opera already

still does the same thing
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>> I have Hotmail setup as the default mail - this opens in IE.

Have you tried using other email clients as the default mail instead of hotmail anddoes it help in anyway ?

toasterted ...... what if u goto C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer
and rename the IEXPLORE.exe to something else, like NOIEXPLORE.exe

means the links are looking for IEXPLORE.exe and opening it,,,,, when u will rename it, they will not find it, then what will they do,,,, will open them in Opera or will give u error,,,,, try it and post back results ??

You can even try uninstalling IE;en-us;q293907
Though it would not remove IE completely from windows xp. This could be one of the ways

Set the default browser for your user profile:

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toastertedAuthor Commented:
Uninstalling doesnt work (at least for me)
there is no IEXPLORE.exe anywhere on my computer except in the Prefetch folder, yet IEXPLORE.exe runs whenever i click on links with the programs i listed above

and i dont really want to rely on a seperate program to accomplish this, also no file types are pointed to IEXPLORE.exe, i checked all of them

ok so u have done this,,,, installed Opera and then remvoed IE....
now as u have already removed IE.... what if u uninstall Opera and then reinstall it from the setup u have saved before !!!!
toastertedAuthor Commented:
tried that as well, i guess ill just have to leave it alone till i find a more definite solution
As you have found out, this is trickier than it sounds... the "default browser" info is scattered around various places, so you can wind up with a browser being the default for some things but not for others -- oddly enough Internet Explorer tends to remain the default for many things! Deinstalling and reinstalling is unlikely to be the answer -- a browser's help systems will tell you how to set it as the default without that hassle, and killing IE is a lot more work than unchecking the odd box.

I have used SetBrowser successfully in the past. Their website says that Outlook Express will *always* call IE regardless.  I don't know about IM.
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