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I'm setting up a web host server using windows 2003 and IIS. I've one static IP address assigned for my server.should i buy one extra ip for each site i host ? (this will be so expensive ) is it possible to host many web sites on one real ip address ?
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NetoMeter ScreencastsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
When you purchase a Domain Name you have to specify a DNS server in the settings for your site provided by your Registrar.
Very often the registrars provide you with the option to use for free the registrars DNS servers. You have to specify in the DNS zone for your name at least one A record

NetoMeter ScreencastsCommented:
In your case the best solution would be to use one IP address and configure Header Redirection for each site.
Here is how you can set this:


HaithamEgyAuthor Commented:
another question :
I have purchased a domain name . How to setup my domain to refer to the site on my server?
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HaithamEgyAuthor Commented:
sorry for being stupid but
my domain name registrar offers to services one is called :
name server configuration / transfer

the other is called :
IP pointing / zone changes

which one of them will i use to host my web site on my server ?
If your registrar does not have free DNS services where you can store the DNS information for your site, you will need to make use of another service to make things work properly.  I like http://www.zoneedit.com because it is easy to configure new domains and they give you complete control of your DNS records.

If you are going to be using this type of service then you would need to specify the DNS server information of zoneedit.com under the "name server configuration" page at your domain name registrar.  This will typically look like ns1.dnsserver.com and the IP address of the DNS server.

Good luck!
HaithamEgyAuthor Commented:
Thank You So much .......
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