The folders and files icons in my computer used to be sorted by <<name>> and <<details>> by default.

Something changed this original arrangement and now they seem to be arranged at random.

How can I return the files of all folders and sub-folders to their original arrangement without having to do this manually ( through view->arrange icons->by name) each time I get inside a folder ?
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Scott_WillcocksConnect With a Mentor Commented:
go into a folder and manually do >arange icons> by name

then goto folder view tools>folder options>View

look for the section that says you can set all folders to current view and click the button that says like current folder and all your folders will arrange like the view in the folder your in
tedhillAuthor Commented:
Thank you Scott

no problem microsoft made this one difiicult to find I would of looked personall in the view options to set all the defaults but microsoft stuck it somewhere else to really make us hunt for it. I know so many people who have asked how to do this
even my senior technical manager asked this questions do you know how hard it is to keep a straight face when the guy who designs our network asks questions like this


thank god he doesn't read this site

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