Auto shutdown XP Sp2 with lsass.exe

My computer have installed Xp Sp2(beta).  When I connect to Internet after few minutes.  There's a auto shutdown error due to lsass.exe cause, then my PC auto restart.
I have scaned it with Norton Antivirus.  But I didn't find anything.
Please help me a way to resolve the problem.  Thank
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MarkDozierConnect With a Mentor Commented:
REMOVE SP2(beta) and wiat a few months for M/S to finishing fixing a few of the bugs in SP2 then d/l from M/S website
If you dont have enough time to download and scan, then go to start -> run -> and type Shutdown -a
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sounds like the sasser worm,
disable all your startup programs that aren't essentual.
not sure for xp but i think you can type: msconfig into the run dialog box
(start--> run)
goto startup
remove ticks
restart computer
see if you can access the internet now
download removal tool from symantec website
hope that helps
I run SP2Beta and it's fine on my system.

Unless you are getting specific SP 2 issue then I can't see any reason to remve it.

I agree with bfens2, this sounds like a Sasser worm. The best thing is to use AV software to prevent the infection in the first place, second best is to remove it. Stinger will do that.

Bfens2 msconfig idea is good for XP and effectivly gives you a 'safemode' boot that should prevent the worm from loading. once rebooted use stinger or whatever to remove the worm.

Rule #11  
Never run beta anything on any production machine. Other machines are up to the Admins (re.  MY) discretion.

If he does have the sasser and after reading the postings I would agree it is probable that he does the sasser removal tool from Symantec works well.

you said you scanned the computer.
are your virus defintions up to date?
In the past i have seen this symptom when a machine nearby on the internet has the Sasser worm and it is causing the machine in question to restart (by attempting infection). Your virus scanner would stop you from getting infected, but you would still be affected by the other machine. Perhaps ensure that the ICF or some other firewall is enabled on the Internet connection and then try connecting to the internet.
lhbaonetAuthor Commented:
My Norton Antivirus is always updated with the new definiton on  I also use this "" tool and sasser tool on  But I couldn't find anything virus sasser.

I have just found that my pc only auto shutdown when It connect to Internet by dial up modem.  Because when I try it on internet via a gateway in my LAN, It is OK.  I may think there's some soft or service related to dial up have started when I open modem.  So It cause a error in Windows.  When the error" Auto shutdown" start", I have tried with "shudown -a" command.  It can help me to turn off it and not restart my pc.  But when I finished my work and want to shut down my pc, then I couldn't do that.

If I want to remove the Sp2(beta) inside windows.  Can you tell me the way???  Because I think it cause by Sp2

According to the microsoft info for the beta's and RC releases you should be able to uninstall this from Add/Remove programs in the control panel. (info at bottom of
I think that dtregoning has a point with the firewall thing.

If you are only affected with you dial up maybe you could check your firewall is active for this connection.  If you use the ICW in WinXP then you will need to turn it on for all connections individually.

FYI I just installed SP2 (not beta) on my XP Pro box and it looks fine.

Oh, and did removing SP2Beta fix it?
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