Apache or Tomcat are very slow

I am using iManager and Virtual Office on a Dual 850Mhz 512MB ram system with Netware 6.5 sp2.

I notice quite often that it will take a long time to respond to requests when I click on links. I want to use this system to Demo to customers. I have seen this on other systems as well. Are there any settings that I could tweak to raise the level of performance? Or is this the nature of Apache/Tomcat.
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PsiCopConnect With a Mentor Commented:
How's your memory looking? In MONITOR go to SERVER RESOURCES. How much RAM is in the Cache pool?
No, Apache and Tomcat are usually quite peppy. Your problem description is a bit lacking in detail (altho thank you for mentioning server version and SP level) so here's some questions:

What else is this server doing?

How large is the NDS Tree? How many objects (roughly)?

Does the server host an NDS replica or replicas?

What is/are that/those replica/replicas of?

Is/Are the replicas Master, R/W and/or R/O?
Templar_mAuthor Commented:
The tree is very small. There are 1 org, 2 ous(neither are nested), 4 users.  There is a single server.
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Isn't 512MB the minimum RAM for 6.5 now?

What is the other hardware like - disk subsystem, in particular?  

You may need to tune your NSS also - have you set it up with a separate pool for SYS and VOL1?  SYS should always have its own pool...
"Isn't 512MB the minimum RAM for 6.5 now?"

See my Comment on this topic in --> http://www.experts-exchange.com/Networking/Netware/Q_21104930.html
Templar_mAuthor Commented:
Not sure which resource you mean when you refer to "Cache pool".

The unit has 512MB of ram.
Server memory statistics under system resources.
The allocated memory pool is 289,951,740 54%
Cache bufferis 32,919,072 6%
Cache moveable memory 0 0%
Cache non-moveable memory 0 0%
Code and Data memory 72,695,006 14%
Misc Memory 155,475,019 29%
Total server work memory 536,469,504 100%
"Cache bufferis 32,919,072 6%"

Ah. THERE is, most likely, your problem. Insufficient RAM.

That % of RAM as Cache should be about 50-75%. Your server is starved for memory, as evidenced by the 6% value of RAM as Cache and the total lack of any allocations in the Cache Moveable and Cache Non-Movable allocation pools. Your Alloc memory pool (used for dynamic memory allocation, or working memory) is sucking up over 256 MB of RAM.

I note that you're running NetWare v6.5 SP2. I assume you use eDirectory 8.7.3. If this server holds an NDS Replica, have you applied the Post-SP2 eDirectory patch? There was a bug in DSLOADER.NLM in NetWare v6.5 SP2 that caused DSLOADER.NLm to fail to release working memory it allocated in the normal course of its duties. The result is that DSLOADER.NLM sucked up all the available RAM and server performance suffered. We got bitten by this and were one of the first FTF sites for the patch, which worked just fine.

The relevant TID and a link to the file for the patch can be found at --> http://support.novell.com/cgi-bin/search/searchtid.cgi?/2968987.htm
I note in passing that dropping RAM as Cache to 6% would have killed NetWare v3.x as dead as a Blue-Screened Windoze box by the time it dropped to 20 or 25%. NetWare 4.x probably would have died too. NetWare v5.x might have handed it by ABENDing the runaway process, but that would have choked DS and it would have been as bad as the NetWare v4.x situation. I have been very (pleasantly!) surprised by the grace and aplomb that NetWare v6 has shown in handling this sort of situation. The server is desperately starved for RAM and its degraded, but still providing services as best it can without choking or throwing out spurious error messages. Its not really even complaining, its just doing its job as best it can. Windoze would have BSODd long ago.

You can verify that the DSLOADER.NLM memory hogging is the actual problem by, at the same screen where you see those memory percentages, selecting "Alloc Memory (bytes)" under the "Tracked Resource Types" menu. If DSLOADER.NLM is the first item on the resultant list, than that's your culprit. On most systems, NSS.NLM or DS.NLM will be first. DSLOADER.NLM should be further down the list - top quarter if the server is doing a lot of replication (holds a lot of replicas, or very large replicas), top half otherwise.

This bug should not affect a server that does not hold NDS replicas (altho the Post-SP2 is still a good idea, since you want to make sure that should you need or want to take advantage of the flexibility of NDS and move a replica to a server, you won't get bitten). If this server is not holding an NDS replica, then you need to look at that sub-menu I pointed out in the previous paragraph and let us know what IS chewing up all its RAM. Might be you just don't have enuf RAM in the box for what you want it to do.
Just add more RAM. I got 768MB RAM on my box... and its still slow with Virtual Office (apache and tomcat apps)... I did a upgrade to 1 GB RAM... now its faster.
I think I said that.

"Ah. THERE is, most likely, your problem. Insufficient RAM."
And, if he has eDir, has not applied the Post-SP2 IR patch for that eDir version, and the server holds a replica, then adding more RAM won't help anything, because the DSLOADER.NLM memory leak will just suck it all up and he'll be right back where he started. So, just adding more RAM may not solve the issue.
Templar_mAuthor Commented:
I installed the eDir patch and no effect. I believe it is in sufficient RAM now as well. I will see about getting more ram into that system and let you know.
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