NTLDR is missing

Hi all,
     My OS is Windows ME and it has been working well for the past year. All of a sudden, when I booted my PC yesterday an "NTLDR is missing press any key to restart" message appeared and when I press any key, it just loops all over again. When I reboot, the same thing occurs. I notice that lately  another message "time and date not set" appears also and thats because of the lithium battery. How do i fix this problem? Does the lithium battery have anything to do with "NTLDR is missing" message? Thanks in advance!

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robertjbarkerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I'm pretty sure "NTLDR is missing" means you are booting off some kind of media that is formatted from an NT/2000/XP machine. Is there a floppy disk or CD in your floppy drive or CD-ROM drive? Or have you somehow put an NT/2000/XP boot sector on your hard drive?

The lithium battery may be a cause because it may be the thing that keeps your BIOS settings from being forgotten.  If it gets low your BIOS settings may change unexpectedly. That includes your boot preferences potentially switching to attempting to boot from floppy or CD before trying the hard drive.

Replace the battery and then reset your BIOS values.

If you want to find out if the BIOS settings have changed, you can do that without changing the battery. You could just forget the battery and reset your BIOS settings each time you turn your computer on - but that's alot of work over and over...
_Connect With a Mentor Commented:
>>> lithium battery <<<    This is a silver coin sized (thumbnail) thingy on the mobo. Usually a CR2032. You can get them at any computer shop or most places that sell watch batteries.

>>> Does the lithium battery have anything to do with "NTLDR is missing" message <<<    Only if it is causing the BIOS to misread the HD parameters. But this will usually causes a "harddrive not found" message. You can try booting into SafeMode and do a System Restore to a date before the problem started, if it is still doing it after you change the battery.
VTomukasConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There are some variations why this error can appear. Look there:

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and if after that it still does not work, you can copy the NTLDR file from the CD
Your BIOS battery has died and the BIOS does not know how to boot your computer.  It also sounds like you may have a "dual-boot" with NT/XP and ME or even an additional harddrive that is now being told that it is the boot device.
surly1966Connect With a Mentor Commented:
First the obvious.
Is there a disk in one of your drives that doesnt have an os on it?

IF the bios has been corrupted it is possible that that could be the cause. That may be related to the battery.

I get that error way too many times on XP......
Have only seen it twice on ME.

Heres the best paper I have found on it. It shows how to fix it.

Good luck.

If you are using ME then you really shouldn't have NTLDR unless as others have stated you are running a dual boot system?  Are you?
Thank you much.    : )
OK first of all to make it simple change the battery but as for NTLDR it is totally related to NT/2000/XP and has nothing to do with WinME so as others said you might have dual booting and all meaning you have 2 operating systems which doesent seem the case cause you haven't mentioned that but even if you have em then after replacing the battery load all settings in the bios to default and configure the hdd to boot first , you can reach the cmos (BIOS) setup by pressing DEL, F1,F2,F10,CTRL+ALT +ESC and maybe even CTRL+ALT+ESC and press F2 offcourse one the given keys or key sequence is gonna work depending on the type of you motherboard.
If your battery went so did your BIOS configuration.  So the motherbaord doesnt recognize the hard drive geometry.  First I would replace the battery and reset your bios definitions for the hard drive and see if your system comes up.   Usually it will.
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The battery has nothing to do with the NTLDR missing except in the matter where already indicated in this thread, where the drive is not recognized, however I never saw that happen. The NTLDR is a file that commonly gets "corrupted or missing". This file can be replaced by using the proper utils. such as Winternals NTFS pro. Basically... you have to copy this file from a working pc to a floopy disk, then copy it to the bad one, overwriting the original. I would probably rename the original to ntldr.orig (or something simuliar). Copying the good file over to the damaged pc may be difficult without using the proper tools. We have to boot from a floppy that will recognize the NTFS format and mount the drive to copy the file over to it. NTFSDOS by winternals allows you to do just that. I have used it and it works great. With out this tool I have only been able to use the setup restore option for XP. See http://www.winternals.com/support/ntfsdospro/faq.asp
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