measuring temperature via sms

i want measure room temperature via sms
what should i do?
anybody help me out in this project
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scampgbConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi muhammad_rizwan,

Nagios is a Linux-based network monitoring tool, that can also monitor room temperature (with appropriate hardware) and send SMS messages.
You can find out more about it at

The website also has details of the hardware monitoring equipment.

I hope that this helps.
Its my solution:

If you have hardware temperature monitoring tool, you need only to find method to read a temperature from it via program.

And there .. a little trick. You send sms -> email to your e-mail account.
Program looks at the account and search for email from your cell phone, when it founds it - it send sms to you via internet gateway to your mobile with the temperature readed from phone.
As this was never solved, I will point any readers in the direction of a USB or Wifi device from - It emails temperature alerts whenever temperature is above a defined threshold
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