DNS Setup in Exchange 2003

Reposting question,
                          I believe that this is a dns problem, I need some help configuring the mx records in the dns server. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Current setup:  Windows Server 2000 with Exchange 2003 Server Standard Edition.  One subnet (192.168.1.x) of one local domain (clevelander.local).  Only one Exchange server in the single domain.  Since we do not have a static IP address, we have an external email account which handles our email.

Employees connect to their external accounts using either Outlook 2000 or 2002 (planning on upgrading all to 2003).  Email is downloaded from the-beach.net and stored in their personal mailboxes on the server.  Everything works fine when sending and receiving email externally. When users try to email internally I get many random errors, for some users, emails sent with attachments bounce back to the sender, for others I get random errors, I have pasted a copy of a returned email below.

-----Original Message-----
From: MAILER-DAEMON@cluster1.echolabs.net
Sent: Monday, August 09, 2004 2:39 PM
To: kdaswani@clevelander.com
Subject: Undeliverable mail: Friday Night Clock-out

Failed to deliver to '<kitchenmgr@clevelander.local>'
LOCAL module(account clevelander) reports:
 unknown user account

Failed to deliver to '<luke@clevelander.local>'
LOCAL module(account clevelander) reports:
 unknown user account

Failed to deliver to '<manager@clevelander.local>'
LOCAL module(account clevelander) reports:
 unknown user account

Thank you in advance
Garry Thani
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What is "echolabs.net"? Is that your ISP?
If so then it looks like Exchange is sending all of your email out - whether it is internal or external.
What have you done that is different from Exchange "out of the box"? Any SMTP COnnectors, Smart Host configuration - anything like that?

mcse_ciscoAuthor Commented:
Thats the confusing part, don't know who echolabs is or why they would be bouncing back the messages...
Nothing different was done from the Exchange out of box setup.. I was thinking that this might be part of the problem..
I finally added a host record this morning in the dns server (local) no SMTP connectors have been added. (do I need to add these for internal email?)

Sorry if I sound like a Novice, this is my first exchange server setup
Exchange out of the box should send email internally.
You don't need SMTP Connectors for internal email.
For some reason Exchange is pushing your internal email outside - like it doesn't know that it is internal.

Have you checked Recipient Polices? You will find it in ESM. Make sure that both your internal and external domain names are listed. Also make sure that the external domain is the default.

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mcse_ciscoAuthor Commented:
Ok, I just added the external domain to each users account in usermanager for domains, some users only use internal email, (have no external addresses). Also the naming structure is different for internal and external  (kdaswani@clevelander.com is Kamal@clevelander.local) will this cause a problem? I was goingt to experiment with changing Alias's internally (how the names appear in the address book) once this is all taken care of.
There is a check box "automatically update email addresses based on receipeints policies", should this be checked for all users?

Thanks again for your help
If you don't check it for all users then you have to update them by hand.
It is usually enabled by default and unless there is something odd with the account then I tend to leave it like that.

Adding domains to the user accounts isn't enough - as that doesn't tell Exchange it is responsible for the domain. Recipient Polices in ESM does that. Have you checked that both domains are listed there?


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mcse_ciscoAuthor Commented:
Just added the external domain to the receipient policy... will test today as the problems were random.
Hppefully this takes care of everything...
Will keep you posted...

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