stop certain ip from entering the network

I've been getting tons of pop-ups ads on my pc lately.  Is there a way to deny a particular ip through my internet gateway so they can't get into my network?  would it be like this:

access-list deny host
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grbladesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi Pentrix2,
What gateway do you have?
Normally if you have a router you deny everything inbound apart from the couple of ports that you want.

Have you checked that the popups are not caused by spyware on your machine?

Mcafee Stinger -
What is spyware -
SpywareBlaster -
Ad-aware -
Spybot S&D -
HijactThis -
Spy Sweeper -
CWShredder -
Pentrix2Author Commented:
yupe, it is cause by spyware on my machine.  so there's really no way stopping it by the router, but those spyware removal tools?
There are two causes of popups. One is due to spyware and the router config wont help you there. The other is by people sending messages directly to the messanger service on your PC. If there is a router then by default it should be blocking this.

Yes most of the links are for removal tools. Ad-aware and spybot are very good and you should run these. If you still have problems afterwards then use hijackthis and post the report in the 'security' section here and someone will have a look.
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