Windows Profile: Strange behaviour


When i turn on my PC, the following, message appears when I try to log into the "default" profile:

Windows cannot load the user's profile but has logged on with the default profile on the system.

DETAIL - DATA error (cyclic redundancy check)

The computer moves really slow.

When i log in as administrator and try to access the user's profile it moves really slow navigating through those folders and when i try to view the contents in C:\Documents and Settings\User\Local Settings\Application Data, i get the following error message.

C:\Documents and Settings\User\Local Settings\Application Data is not accessible.

Error performing inpage operation

Also, norton will not install and am getting an internal error message during installation.

I have tried online symantec online scan and it did not find any viruses or worms.
I am trying with trend microsystems online scan and see if it will pick up anything.

I have scanned with spybot and adaware and the system is clean.

even if i install a new copy of Windows 2000 and over the current OS and "leave the file system intact" (to have all the old files still existent on the HD) i am not sure if i can recover the profiles. I access to the profiles cause that is where my *.mbx (outlook express) and *.pst (outlook) messages are located.

all suggestions welcomed.

any suggestions?

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jdeclueConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It appears that your hard drive is Failing. Go to Disk Management and check the status on the disk drive. Also review the Application and System logs in Event Viewer for any Disk or Disk Controllers errors.

From event ID:

"I found out what file was causing the problem, UsrClass.dat, and I found it residing in
C:\Documents and Settings\Current User\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Windows\UsrClass.dat
Where the Current User  is the user logged in to the network at the moment). Move the file out of that directory and log back in (it doesn’t matter where you move it to as long as you know, just in case it wouldn’t work). The file is going to be recreated and this will eliminate the login error the user was getting. When everything is working fine, just delete the old UsrClass.dat file.  "
You might consider backing up the contents of your profile, deleting it (from system properties) and then recreating it to start fresh.  You can try to manually back up your profile or copy it using the User Profiles tab in System Properties

If the .mbx and .pst files are the only 2 things you care about, you can simply copy them to a different location.

The UsrClass.dat file is where profile specific information is stored, so deleting it is not recommended.
Here are a few more details... the CRC check can happen on a corrupt pst file. But, the inpage failure is another issue entirely, this occurs when a small file that is loaded into memory is corrupt and the error occurs because the system reports that the file in memory is corrupt. The 2 of them togethor is a bigger issue. So you have 1 of two issues. Either the pst file is corrupted, which will occur when you use Outlook and get CRC errors, or you do have disk damage.

The only other alternative is that your profile is roaming on a server, and when it tries to access it, you have network failures, in that case you may receive both error messages as a result of faulty network card, cable or switch.

TechInNeedmmAuthor Commented:
Thanks for all the feedback all
but jdeclue was correct.

I read that somewhere also that it could be my disk failing, but just wanted to troubleshoot the software side first to all its potential.

I ran into errors running chkdsk in windows cmd prompt

but when i ran it before running windows, it found a bunch of errors and fixed some as well...

errors such as:

file segement XXXX is unreadable

...and a bunch of others i cannot remember atm....
but what it comes down to is that this HD may be failing....stupid maxtor drive....i have these things failing on me like wildfire...

anyone can suggest a good LONG LASTING HD out there?

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