Cisco1720 WIC1T slot0 error

I have a cisco WIC 1T module I am using in a cisco 1720 I have tested the module in another 1720 which has the same firmware, the WIC 1T fails in the WIC0 slot and works fine in the WIC1 slot, any ideas?.
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So the WIC card fails in Slot 0 on both 1720s or just on the one?  You might have a defective unit if it fails in Slot0 only on the one particular unit.
skevsAuthor Commented:
yeah it only fails in slot0 in one of the units, but this slot works fine with other expansion modules ie: WIC 1B ST  
skevsAuthor Commented:
Problem solved there was a surface mount cap that had got lifted one side, so just soldered it back down and all working now, cheers.
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