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Msn Messenger keeps signing me out and signing me back in

I have msn messenger 6.2, while online, it logs me off, and then signs me back in. It is so frustrating, this happens
quite often. Does anyone have a solution to this annoying problem?. Thanks in advance.
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1 Solution

Are you connecting using wireless connection ?
If yes then connecting using cable from the router or directly to cable modem to see if that would help

Also disable firewall in your system temporarily and see if that would help

Try this

go to control panel --> add/remove programs and uninstall msn messenger

then open registry
start --> run --> regedit
and navigate to

check for any instance for msn messenger in the sub-keys and completely remove them

Restart the machine. install the fresh copy of msn messenger 6.2 and check if that would help solve the issue

Do you have yahoo messenger installed and does it show similar behavior ?

Hello elusivesoul =)

This happens with me also and with so many other people around me even.... I think its the problem with msn service and not with our systems =|
Do you use .net passport ?

if yes check this http:Q_20616898.html

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If you are using a firewall there are setting in most to allow chat programs, find thee setting and check the appropriate box.
Just to let you know, I've never had this problem happen to me in the years I have been running MSN...

I would think the problem is some sort of network glitch...  Maybe you are losing your Internet connection for very small periods of time and it comes back before you can notice it, but the MSN Messenger program does notice it.

Try Trillian
Try uninstalling msn messenger then reinstall it also you can alternatively use gaim it is similar to trillian and lets you acces msn, aol, yahoo, and many other messenger services.
Here is why it does that.

XP comes preinstalled with an msn messenger that you cant seem to delete, and it runs in the background when you havent even started it.  Microsoft says is supposidly needed for something.  But what happens is the one running in the background auto connects which kicks your main one off since only one instance per account is allowed loged in at the same time.

Here is what i personally did to remedy the problem:

Go into C:\Program Files\Messenger\
This is the default directory of the preinstalled msn messenger.
I renamed both exe's within that folder to .OLD which changed the exetension so windows could no longer find it to autorun it hidden in the background.
(one could also probably just delete the folder, but i just renamed the exe's incase i ever ran into any problems and needed to name them back to fix)

If you look you should also have C:\Program Files\MSN Messenger\
That is the default directory for the new messengers that you installed. (the one you want)

I have never had any problems since renaming the exe in \messenger\
I no longer get disconnected and it no longer runs in processes without me telling it to
And i have gotten 0 errors from XP, so i think microsoft is pullin our leg about it being required

One thing though, once you rename it messenger 4.7 will start showing up on your windows update list.
Just ignore it and dont reinstall it and youll be fine.
download xplite just google it on the internet it will let you get rid of messenger I also think its somewhere under add remove programs under windows components.  The reason you cant delete it is its protected by the Windows Protection Service which XPlite allows you to turn off and and gives you the option of removing msn messenger and other programs.  The reason MSN messenger is of supposive importance is that it is used for somer Microsoft Help Support because of its ablity to tie into remote desktop RDP and remote assistance.
When you get signed off of Messenger, does a windows pop up saying something like "you have been signed out of messenger because you signed in at another location"??

If you do, Malagor's comment is correct.
elusivesoulAuthor Commented:
Hi guys,
I have to say to tebacher, you've actually come close to it when you say...

"Maybe you are losing your Internet connection for very small periods of time and it comes back before you can notice it, but the MSN Messenger program does notice it."

How I've noticed this is because when I'm playing yahoo games, I get logged off the games server and at the very same time msn messenger signs me off. So it could be highly like that the case is one of a network glitch.
I'm using adsl broadband by the way.
My daughter was having the same problem. Turned out to be the wireless range extender was not in the most ideal location. I've since moved it and the problem appears to have gone away.

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