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Transferring Outlook contacts from one machine to another

I am trying to move the contacts in Outlook 2003 from one machine to another. I have already exported and imported the entire contacts file including all subfolders. However, in Outlook 2003 there is a "drop down" list of e-mail addresses you've sent messages to before. These addresses are not saved in the contacts folder. Is there ANY way to move those to another computer as well?

Thank you
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Is the list of email addresses shown in the drop down has got few contacts or many contacts ?

The easiest thing to do if there are only few contacts is to open those sent items and right-click on TO field and add them to contacts.
if there are many you got to use add-ins to add them to contact


Once you get all of them export and then import

I guess this is one of the ways of solving the issue
Close Outlook and search your profile for .n2k files.
Sorry, I meant an .nk2 file.
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kdomiano have you ever heard of pst files?

Somewhere on your machine usually delving into documents and setting you will find a file called "outlook.pst".   This file is actually the whole kit and kaboodle when it comes to contacts, and emails anything else you care to mention except the accounts because those have encrypted passwords.

Soooo what you should do is to create an account that is identical to the the one on the machine you are moving from (What i mean is account name, email address, pop and smtp servers and passwords ).  

Now then once you have done that look here http://www.slipstick.com/config/backup.htm this will tell you where you pst files are.    
By creating that account you will have generated a pst file so find it on the new machine.  Then find the pst file one the old machine and copy it anyway you like.  CD, Pen Drive, zip disk or even network it, although its usually too big to go on a floppy.

Then simply put the old folder in the location of the new one you just created, it will overwrite it so click yes to that.   Check the account it should all be intact.  By the way re boot just in case.  The good thing about this is that the old files will not be harmed because all you are doing is copying them to the new machine.


Good luck pjcrooks2000
Sorry i said old folder and I did not give you the name of the pst file.

I meant copy the file called "Outlook.pst"  Phew good job i checked what i just wrote .. :)
Karen FalandaysTraining SpecialistCommented:
Hi all,
The  nk2 files are the cache and nickname files. I know you can reset corrupted cache, but am unaware of being able to import them.

Kelly, what this means for you is that the cache will grow as you continue to use your product :(
Good luck
Here's the article you need on Office Online:

Copy autocomplete name list to another computer
Its not about importinig and exporting these files.

With many Outlook setttings, with Outlook off, if you simply move (copy-paste) the 77 (I belive) files to the new computer, mating the new profiles names, all previous settings will be transferred.
   Outlook bar shortcuts
   Personalized menus
  Autocomplete lists,  etc.........
Sorry, poor typing this AM.........
WOW, relly bad

I meant 7 files not 77.  And that the copied files must be renamed to match the freshly  created ones (now deleted) in the new Outlook folder before being pasted.
Why dont you just copy the pst files in it's whole part as I have said above?

The .pst file is the local inforamtion store only.  It has NO personalization/customization functionality.

I just read Beekers link and it shows you the location of the file you need to move.  If you want other customizations moved also, post here again and  I can point you to the correct file.
Ahhh well then it differers slightly from earlier version of Outlook.... :)
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