Having a problem with my AMD Thunderbird 1.3 512mb sdram pc133, 40gig HD, ATI MX 440 64mb.

Was having issues with it freezing randomly during boot, and sometimes even rebooting itself. DId a virus check and found nothing. Formatted and installed windows xp again, and now when I boot I get a


STOP: 0x000000ED (0x81FA3E30,0xC0000185,0x00000000,0x00000000)

So i check around on the net and found some fixes for getting into the recovery console and doing a chkdsk /p followed by a fixboot - didnt work
chkdsk /f - didnt work

Now the funny thing is if once i get to this screen i press the reset instead of power, it boots up normally, but comes to a black screen with the mouse centered and freezes. Can not get into windows, besides by safemode.

I did a little checking on the net and found that 0xC0000185 means:
0xC0000185, or STATUS_IO_DEVICE_ERROR, indicates improper termination, defective storage controller hardware, defective disk cabling, or two devices attempting to use the same system resources.

This leads me to believe my HD is toast. I have unplugged every pheripheral device except the HD and still getting this problem, i have restored bios settings to optmal, performace etc nothing.

I was going to try formatting and trying a different OS to see if that works, like win 98 or SuSe or something, but thinking its prob just the HD.

Is there anything else it could be? anyway of making sure its the HD and not something else, like chip, ram, mobo etc?

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CallandorConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try booting to a floppy, with the hard drive disconnected.  If it stays up and is stable, you at least know the motherboard and cpu is ok.  You can try running www.memtest86.com to test the memory, though it is not a foolproof test of RAM.
To test the IDE drive, try a different cable, then swap a different drive in.  If the system stays up, you can try the diagnostic program for your brand drive:

Maxtor/Quantum http://www.maxtor.com/en/support/products/index.htm
Fujitsu http://www.fcpa.fujitsu.com/download/hard-drives/#diagnostic
Samsung http://www.samsungelectronics.com/hdd/support/utilities/utilities_index.html
Seagate http://www.seagate.com/support/seatools/index.html
Western Digital http://support.wdc.com/download/
IBM and Hitachi http://www.hgst.com/hdd/support/download.htm#DFT 
AfterlifeAuthor Commented:
contemplating taking it to a comp store for them to check, this is giving me a headache. I think the juice might be worth the squeeze by paying them to take a look.

Im taking it the odds are this is a HD issue, in which case its toast... which sucks.
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I would put odds on the hard disk, too, but you always have to be thorough.
This is it...

Use the bootable WinXP Cd or the six XP boot floppies from www.bootdisk.com...

Maske sure the Boot sequence is set to allow either the CD or floppie to be read first.... Press R for recvery conssole at the Windows XP Setup Welcome screen...

At the prompt carefully...
Follow it carefully the same as you see...It takes time but it pays to wait...

1. type chkdsk /r and enter first...
2. type chkdsk /p and enter..
3. type fixboot c: and enter (c being the boot hard disk)

type exit to restart...

there you are..Solve..I guess...It sould work...

Good luck..

AfterlifeAuthor Commented:
ive tried that, you clearly didnt read my first post, thanks anyways tho.

Im thinking either the HD is toast or the MBR is corrupt. if the MBR is corrupt is there anyway of clearing it back to default?
If it's just the MBR, in Win98, you can restore it with FDISK /MBR.  With WinXP and Win2K, boot from the CD into the recovery console and type FIXMBR.
Because of the drive speed optimisation on IDE drives, the data is written out of order to keep drive writing speeds as the fastest possible level depending on where the data is physically found on the HDD.
If the write is not finished, the critical file tables may be damaged.

In future, turn off caching on the drive for have programs with critical data or if you don't mind the drop in speed.

Anyway, to solve this problem, boot into the recovery console.
run the command: chkdsk /r to auto recover the OS.
Download all critical updates, and if the problem still occurs, run the chkdsk /r command again.
If this does not work, you may need to look at recovering the whole OS. You can try a different drive as your primary boot drive and recover from there, if this does not work or you don't have the drive, you may be resigned to losing all your data.
AfterlifeAuthor Commented:
This is the third time im saying this:

I have done the chkdsk from the recovery console. I have even wiped the drive of all OS and tried a fresh install and i can no longer install a Windows OS on the hard drive, it freezes. I am taking it into a computer shop to let them figure it out.
AfterlifeAuthor Commented:
Turns out MOBO/CHIP and ram all fried, oh and of course the power supply.

Thanks for the help anyways
are you moving your hard drive from one computer to another, did u check to see if there are any partitions that shouldnt be there, sometimes you get that blue screen if you move hard drive from one pc to another
I have experienced several time of system crashes with the same error. I tried several times with chkdsk and fixboot or fixmbr. It will make the system unrecoverble. MS Windows XP is not tolerant to any errors and Repair console is almost useless in most cases. Eventually I had to reinstall the system with loss of data as emails could not be exported in safe mode.

I found the real source of the problem is from bad cable connection to the CD drives, which caused blue screen. I tried with Linux, it does not crash with such kind errors. It fails to access the CD drive only.

I found that 0xc0000185 means scsi controller errors. I suggest check the hardware connections, cd drives first before tring to use repire console commands as these commands will fail the OS.
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