What's a Main Mode Peer

What is a Main Mode Peer

I'm trying to setup a vpn connection from my laptop to my home machine
Router  - Linksys router RV042, must be new not much help at linksys
XP Professional on Laptop
Home office is Windows 2000
The home network and the laptop are connected by Comcast with DHCP
I've configured at new VPN Connection from the laptop for VPN and set up IPSEC

But I get this error and I have no idea what it's talking about.

See Q_21103922.html for additional information

Aug 23 12:08:37 2004     VPN Log    Main mode peer ID is ID_IPV4_ADDR: ''  
Aug 23 12:08:37 2004     VPN Log    No suitable connection for peer '', Please check Phase 1 ID value  

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lrmooreConnect With a Mentor Commented:
>This is a small start up company that is trying to control costs
you really should spend the money to hire someone to come in and help understand your needs and setup the right solution for you.

It should work with what you have, you just have to setup the policies on the XP machines correctly.

Hi c7c4c7,
I don't know what that means either but you might also get some help if you post in this forum:-
Where is your client ( in physical relation to the RV042? Are you remote on a public network, or in the same location trying to connect? What client are you using to connect? XP's built-in VPN client, or L2TP/IPSEC policy, or other client?
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c7c4c7Author Commented: is in another location on another Comcast connection behind an SMC router without VPN
Yes I am remote on a public network
The client is a VPN Connection created on the XP Pro machine using the Microsoft wizard
I created a security policy on my local machine

c7c4c7Author Commented:
I looked at the post you refered me, as this is the first time I've done anything like this so I don't understand a lot that was in it.  But it looks like you are saying that I cann't setup a vpn connection with the hardware I've got, is that right?

If that is true why not and what are my other optons for setting it up.  This is a small start up company that is trying to control costs.

Thanks for your help
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