Wait or Pause command in Timeline

I'm working on a simple shape tween of text to give a morphing text effect. Instead of just keyframing two equal keyframes 30 frames apart (for a pause before it continues to the next txt morph) if it was possible to right an AS to have it "stop();" and wait for 1 second or 30 frames and then "gotoAndPlay (thenextframe);".

I'm sure there is a way. Key framing would be fine but having it in a script would make it easier to adjust.

Thanks, Chris
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muso120999Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Here is some code to pause, and resume, the timeline:

var myInterval = setInterval(function () {
}, 1.5*1000); // stop for 1.5 seconds

pauseFrame = function (lat) {
      this.clearInternalInterval = function() {
            delete this.timeInt;
            delete this.clearInternalInterval;
      this.timeInt = setInterval(this, "clearInternalInterval", lat);

can't remember where this code came from, but works a bomb.
Is that not the same code as I gave, put into a function, blu?
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yeah muso either way you'll use setInterval to achieve it, but whoever wrote this function (found it in my resources folder) - added some smart looking stuff :-).

doing it this way will allow more flexibility in the long run, but if its not gonna be reused through the movie, its superfluous.

True, if your going to use the function the declaration should only be used once, at the start of the root timeline, and only "_root.pauseFrame(n);" from there on.  The reason I didn't specify a function in my example was for simplicity, which is what I guessed PBS39Webmaster was after.

But I agree, your example is more flexible on the long-run ;-)
ps. where you from?
a little place called the UK, why?
just wondering re. times.
PBS39WebmasterAuthor Commented:
Both scripts work however when I put them in the timeline on the one frame between shape tweens(the one frame that solid and does not have any morph to it..remember I'm pausing on text), it pauses on the next keyframe where the word is not legible becuase it has begun it's next tween. It's like Flash can't process the stop(), fast enough, but it does hold it. Do I have to put an additional "holding" frame or something? Also, I am trying to get away from traditional tweening. I know I move instances w/ code can I also shape tween w/ AS so I can easily adjust the length (in frames). Right now I keyframe everythign and hopr for the best. Then if I want to change the length of the tween from 15frames to 30frames I have to adjust all the keyframes in my timeline and I am tweening between 6 words. It's just a lot of work. Would be easier to change the number. I can post this as another question so there are more points to give. Let me know.
Thanks for the points!

Of course, I don't know what your timeline looks like, but I would suggest inserting a frame without any kind of tweening.

You can do this by (please make a copy of your file before trying this ;):
1. Selecting the column of frames where a new tween starts (drag the mouse from the top layer to the bottom, to select one frame from each of the layers - but making sure the first frame you start dragging the mouse isn't selected first or you will drag its contents!)
2. Insert 2 new frames by selecting "Insert frame", or pressing F5 twice.
3. Extend the selection so that your selection is the same as in (1), but you are also selecting the 2 new frames (so 3 columns are selected now)
4. Select "Insert Keyframe" or press F6 - this will convert all currently selected frames to Keyframes
5. Now you probably should select each of the frames with tweening still on them, from the middle column of keyframes just created, and select "Remove Tween"

This should give you a clear frame to put any coding on that you need.

The above instructions should work, but as I don't know what your timeline looks like, or the complexity of it, I've had to guess a bit.  If there is anything that isn't clear, or doesn't make sense then feel free to ask!
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