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Writing to a 16x2 LCD in 4-bit Mode C code

Hi I need to use an LCD (16x2) in 4-bit mode. I have found this assembly code and I need to translated to C. This is only to write to the LCD. Below this code I have posted the C code I have translated but it is not working...can anyone help me re-writing this?
DATA is the port use to send data and commands.
machine code

 PUSH  ACC           ;Save A for low nibble
 ORL   DATA,#0F0h    ;Bits 4..7 <- 1
 ORL   A,#0Fh        ;Don't affect bits 0-3
 ANL   DATA,A        ;High nibble to display
 POP   ACC           ;Prepare to send
 SWAP  A             ;...second nibble
 ORL   DATA,#0F0h    ; Bits 4...7 <- 1
 ORL   A,#0Fh       ; Don't affect bits 0...3
 ANL   DATA,A        ;Low nibble to display
C Code
static void WriteInstrReg (unsigned char Instr)
Ena = 0;                      
RS = 0;              // select instruction register
R_W= 0;            // write operation
Ena = 1;                // give operation start signal
_nop_ (); _nop_ ();        // wait
nibble = 0;
nibble |= Instr;
nibble &= 0xF0;
P2 = nibble;
Ena = 0;
delay1(64000);      // wait for LCD...is busy
nibble = 0;
Ena = 1;
Instr <<= (0x04);
nibble |= Instr;
nibble &= 0xF0;
P2 = nibble;
Ena = 0;
delay1(64000);    // wait for LCD...is busy
nibble is an unsigned char.
1 Solution
Jaime OlivaresSoftware ArchitectCommented:
You have not specified what microcontroller you are working on, so I will assume it is 8051 based.
You can search for a ready-made library written in C, take a look to this:
It is designed for an Atmel processor with a 4 bit display interface (brand doesn't matters).
Good luck,
calenoAuthor Commented:
Jaime, your assumption is right. The micro is from 8051 family. The Link you posted is very good. It helped a lot


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