Mandatory Profiles and Group Policy

Is there a way to set up Mandatory profiles using group policy rather than having to assign on a per user basis?

Additionally when you create a mandatory profile and assign all accounts to use that profile - does it use that profile to create a copy on the local machine when they log in or does it always use the same profile.

For example if UserA logs in and UserB will you end up with a profile for "GenericUser" that they both use or will you end up with a "UserA" profile and "UserB" profile that are based off of the "GenericUser" profile.

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SamuraiCrowConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The profile path for a given user is set by modifying the users profile tab in active directory users and computers.  Once you have set up a mandatory network profile you can use the tool to simutaneously change any users you select within the utility.  For instance if I wanted to change the profile path to \\Server1\profile$\ for all users in the ABC OU I would first:

Build the Mandatory Network Profile (see the link below for details)
Select Modify Attributes
Select my Domain from the first drop down list
Select the Domain Contoller I want to interact with
Select the 'Users' Check Box
Click the Green Arrow button
Double click the domain to expand it
Select the OU and Click 'Add to List'
Click the 'Select All' button then Click 'Next'
Select the profile tab and place a check next to the profile path
Enter the path for the new Mandatory profile (\Server1\profile$\
Click on 'Go!'

If you would like additional clarification or instruction let me know

Mandatory Network Profile Instructions
You can use to change the profile path for multiple users at the same time.  It is good for this and a thousand other uses.  Give it a try:

Let me know if this helps
As for the second question:

When you designate a mandatory network profile for a group of users it works in much the same way that a roaming user profile does.  It downloads when they log on and uploades when they log off.  The only difference is that changes are not saved.
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mrichmonAuthor Commented:
I noticed there is also a ADModify.NET

What is the difference.

Is there any documentation on either version?
Oops it looks like I sent you the link for the 1.6 version.  I have had some issues recently getting the from the microsoft FTP site but have been able to locate it here:
mrichmonAuthor Commented:
I got it from MS, but they are down there.
There is a help file that comes with it if my memory serves me correctly
mrichmonAuthor Commented:
There is but it is VERY VERY basic and generic...
Lol, I never looked at it myself.  the application is very simular to the user properties in AD Users and Computers once you get throught the initial screen.
mrichmonAuthor Commented:

It looks like the answer to the first part of my question is NO - it cannot be set with Group Policy, but it can be set programatically.

If you can help me with the second part of the question I will give you the points.

How exactly do you go about making multiple user accounts use a shared mandatory profile?

For example, if you were doing this manually:

what exactly would the profilepath look like ?

are there any other settings needed?
mrichmonAuthor Commented:
I have been trying to follow those instructions for the last day or so, but when I get to the "COpy Profile To " part and I enter the share name I get the following error :

Failed to set security on Destination Profile. Error - Access is denied

I made sure that I am logged in as a domain admin to the workstation that has the profile and also that the share has permission of full control for the domain admin group.

Can I assume since I received the points that you were successful in the 'copy profile to' phase or should I keep looking into it?
mrichmonAuthor Commented:
yep I was.

mrichmonAuthor Commented:
I posted another question and got the answer

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