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ATL.dll error

I ran some ad ware removal program and now I get the following error when AIM is started

AIM.exe unable to locate component.  This application failed to start because ATL.DLL was not found. Reinstalling the application may fix this problem.

I reinstalled AIM and during the installation I get Set GLB2.tmp unable to locate component. This application failed to start because ATL.DLL was not found. Reinstalling the application may fix this problem.

Also I can't get to the Internet now.

Any ideas.

2 Solutions
Hello whiwex =)

U have not written abt the OS..... if its Win2000\XP, then give a try to SFC scan.....

Goto START>RUN and type  sfc /scannow
u will need ur Win2000\XP CD in order to fix the corrupted windows system files, if found by scan.

Restart and now try reinstalling AOL,,,, check if u can get it now or not ??

And after installing it, if u will still unable to access internet, then Try running this Winsock Repair for Win2000\XP:

Restart and now check ??

whiwexAuthor Commented:
I ran the sfc /scannow and still get the same error? I'm using xp pro. Tried reinstalling aim after doing the sf scannow still same problem
whiwexAuthor Commented:
Should I try laying windows back down?
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whiwexAuthor Commented:
I tried running the sf scannow again. It does ask you to put the XP cd in the drive but it doesn't seem to every read from it.
It's still running at this time.
Hi whiwex,

I am not sure if you are installing the original Windows XP CD or restore CD that came with your computer

Check this and make sure the program sfc gets the correct files it require

whiwexAuthor Commented:
Sunray this would have helped but it came to late. I installed windows over top and it works now.


Sad that you had reinstall windows xp ..
Thanks for the assist

Jan LouwerensSenior DeveloperCommented:
This solution was provided by Ivan 'John' Petric.

To everyone, it's not a worm or a Virus. The problem is that the ATL.DLL has somehow been removed from the c:\windows\systems32\ folder. How, I don't know? So, the System Restore and everything else Windows relies on will not work... So nothing but run errors. But, it appears that the main culprit in this entire process is always the missing ATL.DLL that needs to be restored...

A "good solution" is to find out exactly why the problem has appeared to begin with and have MS create a fix for it. It is happening to way too many people around the country.

A fix is shown at http://www.opentechsupport.net/forums/archive/topic/27461-1.html , but even there the problem was not fully solved... The problem still exists.

The fixes being mentioned by many others so far have not worked, not even for me. So, DO NOT reformat or start with a new linstall as you will lose your data.

Solution for those with XP - possibly same for other versions:
Go to the c:\I386 folder and expanded the ATI.dl_ file into c:\windows\system32. So far everything is now running.

To expand the file go into the DOS mode and into the c:\I386 folder.  The do as follows:

Expand.exe ATL.DL_ c:\windows\system32

Then go to START, RUN, and do a RegSvr32.exe ATL.DLL and press ENTER

That should solve the problem as far as I can see for now...

If the file is not on your hard drive expand it from the CD-Rom.

Furthermore, the problem is somehow linked directly to Microsoft's Visual C++ Runtime Library, but they refuse to admit it and accept liability to create a fix.

We're getting a lot of "This application has requested the runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.  Please contact application's support team for more information." when running MS Media Player too.

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