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JavaScript to open a link in an iframe and PopUp Blockers

  I need to open a link in an iframe to do some server validation and redirectthe user to a different location in a new window.
So on click of the submit button, I do some javascript validation and then within the function
document.DataFrame1.location = "action_server_validate.asp?ml_num=" +  d.ml_num.value ;

The action_server_validate generates code to submit a form to an external website with arguments target="_blank"
which is blocked by pop-up blockers.
What are the workarounds...

One way I presume is to substitute the above statement to

window.open("action_server_validate.asp?ml_num=" + d.ml_num.value) ;

anything else...

2 Solutions
ZvonkoSystems architectCommented:
Instead to target the respnse to _blank you could target it to a previously opened popup.
The target name is the second parameter in window.open() call.
Like this:

window.open("", "newWin");
document.DataFrame1.location = "action_server_validate.asp?ml_num=" +  d.ml_num.value ;

Now when your action_server_validate.asp set the targe="newWin" will the popup be populated with the response.

Is there a reason why target="_blank" is currently being used?  (Is the opening of a new window necessary?)
not sure if i'm understanding the problem correctly or not ... but if your browser is not allowing pop-up windows then it wouldn't allow to open you a new one no matter what the name of the window will be ... i mean your page WILL open a new window ... but the user's browser wouldn't let it get displayed ... this is a user's browser setting ... and you can set it  open pop-ups for your own testing purpose but u can't restrict user to view a pop-up even if he has blocked pop-ups.
danthsAuthor Commented:
Yes, it is necessary to open the url in a new window.

Ayesha:- I did some basic reading on how these pop-up blockers work, and the difference is that they allow a new window if the user intentionally does an action like click a button or url etc.

Zvonko:- Isn't the net affect of your suggestion the same as
window.open("action_server_validate.asp?ml_num=" + d.ml_num.value) ;
Depending on the popup-blocker softwares involved, most should allow a popup window to appear if the context of the attempt to open the window is a mouse-click event.  I wouldn't guarantee that they all work that way, but by now, I believe that most of 'em do.

> The action_server_validate generates code to submit a form to an external
> website with arguments target="_blank" which is blocked by pop-up blockers.

Can we get a clearer idea as to exactly what action_server_validate is doing?
It *sounds* like action_server_validate is generating an HTML page with an HTML form with target="_blank", and auto-submitting that form via embedded JavaScript (either inline or in an onload handler).  (I'm guessing based on what you've said above; please correct me if this is incorrect.)  If this is so, then the context of the attempt to open the window is a page's onload, *not* a click event, and popup blockers *will* block that.

Have you tried, as you suggested, replacing the initial document.DataFrame1.location assignation with a call to window.open?  (In such a case, the window.open call would be within a click/submit event, and should be allowed by most popup-blockers.)  If so, does that work?

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