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Hi experts,

could you tell me how to display search results on different pages? For example, one result on one page. What is the code that I must insert? Im using ASP to do the coding.
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sajuksConnect With a Mentor Commented:
//code by  thunderchicken
<title>Paging of a Recordset</title>

intPage = Request("page")
If isNumeric(intPage) = False Or intPage < 1 Then
    intPage = 1
End If

Set rs = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.RecordSet")
strSQL = "SELECT LinkURL FROM Links"
strDSN = "DRIVER={Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)};DBQ="&Server.MapPath("/aspdigital/db/demo.mdb")
rs.Open strSQL, strDSN, 1
If Not (rs.BOF Or rs.EOF) Then
    rs.PageSize = 10
    rs.AbsolutePage = intPage
    intRecCount = rs.PageSize
    intPageCount = rs.PageCount
    Response.Write "<p><b>Side " & intPage & " af " & intPageCount & "</b></p>"
    Do While Not rs.EOF And intRecCount > 0
        Response.Write rs("LinkURL") & "<br>"
     intRecCount = intRecCount - 1
End If
Set rs = Nothing

Response.Write "<p>Here "
For intNum = 1 To intPageCount
    Response.Write "<a href=paging.asp?page=" & intNum & ">" & intNum & "</a> "

Response.Write "<p>"
If Cint(intPage) > 1 Then
    Response.Write "<a href=paging.asp?page=" & intPage - 1 & ">&lt;&lt;</a>"
    Response.Write "&lt;&lt;"
End If

Response.Write "&nbsp;"

If CInt(intPage) < Cint(intPageCount) Then
    Response.Write "<a href=paging.asp?page=" & intPage + 1 & ">&gt;&gt;</a> "
    Response.Write "&gt;&gt;"
End If

blurSoulAuthor Commented:
lol thats a lot of code. Are all needed? I've already opened recordset and all...

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Its one thats been used.
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blurSoulAuthor Commented:
I think I'll just use it as you said it has been used. Believe it works.

Thanks for your help ;>
Thanks for the points and grade
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