MS Word 2003 hangs while typing

I have a problem with MS Word 2003.  While typing, the hourglass appears and the typing hangs every few seconds then proceeds normally until the next hourglass appears and then it hangs again.  The delays make it inordinately difficult to type any documents.  As I also use Word in Outlook to respond to email, this is a very frustrating problem which I have not yet been able to solve.  I've tried the following remedies to no avail -

deleted the template
unchecked the fast saves and check grammar while you're typing
typed winword /regserver at the run command
uninstalled and reinstalled MS Office 2003
uninstalled Norton SystemWorks (including the antivirus program) and installed NOD 32
scanned for viruses, spyware (I use Spyblaster, SpyBot Search and Destroy, and AdAware)
run check disk and defragmented the system

There's either a conflict with another piece of software or a time out issue but I'll be damned if I can find it.  Any ideas on what's causing the problem?

My system is a 3.02 Pentium 4, 2 GHz dual channel 400 DDR, 160 gig SATA HD, Windows XP Professional, PCI Express Bus (915g chipset), ATI 128 PCI express video card, Soundblaster Audigy 2 Sound Card....I have all the latest updates and drivers.

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SheharyaarSaahilConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hello Bill0573 =)

Before proceeding, plzz confirm one thing for me !!!!
When u boot into safemode, and then use Word to type,,,, does the same problem happen there also ??
I have experienced this problem at work.  For me, this "hanging" occurs whenever I work on a document that is on the "L" (network) drive or on the A drive.  To eliminate the "hanging," I save the document to the C drive, then reopen the new "C-drive version" of the file to make sure I'm "completely on C," and then continue working without a hitch.  But then upon completing whatever I'm doing, I have to remember to save the file back to the network drive if that is necessary.

This may or may not apply to you.  Best of luck with this.  I know my solution seems a little complex, but it makes *me* happy. <laughing>
Bill0573Author Commented:
Response for Kelly - I'm not on a network...When I installed Windows, I partitioned the 160 gig hard drive into c and d drives and I installed the operating system, etc., on c and all my work files go to d.

Response for SheharyaarSaahil - I booted to safe mode and the problem went hanging hourglass and no delay.  So what is the problem?
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means in Normal Mode there is any background service or application runnning that is causing this problem....
to confirmt his goto Start>Run>msconfig>Startup
and click on Disable All
reboot and dont connect to internet right now
just Open Word and check for the problem
if NO then u can re-enable each application at a time and can trace out the culprit one !!!!!

post back the results :)
Bill0573Author Commented:
Thanks for the advice...unfortunately, while I had not tried Word in "Safe" mode, I forgot to mention I had disabled all the startup programs using difference and Word still hangs.  I also used the CNTRL key when I started word (started it in safe mode and disabled the macros, etc.) difference.  Any other thoughts?
Anne TroyEast Coast ManagerCommented:
Bill....please check your video drivers...
Bill0573Author Commented:
I've already installed the latest drivers for the ATI Radeon card.  Hmmmm....let me check and see if Word hangs with just VGA drivers.  Thanks.
Bill0573Author Commented:
I tried just the VGA drivers with no change...word still hangs.  To see if it was a setting in my log on account, I then logged off my account (it's an Administrator account) and logged onto the Administrator account.  Word quit hanging and behaves normally.  So it's got to be a setting in my account but I'll be darned if I know what it is. Any thoughts?
means either there is a damage Word Related file in ur C:\Documetns and Settings\username folder,,,,, or there is either a corrupted registry in ur HKEY_CURRENT_USER folder !!!!

if u want u can try a Detect and Repair on Word to check if it can repair the damage file\registry or not ??
Bill0573Author Commented:
I already tried the detect and repair change.  I guess I'll have to delete my account profile and create another one and see if that solves the problem.
hmmmmmmm u can do that in the following way also....

How to copy data from a corrupted user profile to a new profile;EN-US;811151
Joanne M. OrzechConnect With a Mentor Manager, Document Services CenterCommented:
Since you have the problem when you connect to the L drive, go to Tools, Options, File Locations, and make sure all folders exist.  Is the document you're opening based on a template?  (Tools, Templates and Add-Ins).  If the template doesn't exist anymore, that could cause this problem.

Have you checked the add-ins in your startup folder?  Try launching word with the \a switch or if you're not familiar with that, go to Tools, Options, File Locations, check where your startup templates are located and move any templates that reside in that folder (at least temporarily).  Launch Word and see if that changes the behavior.;en-us;826840&Product=wrd2003

Another idea - make sure all Office and Windows patches are current - as well as your print drivers.  Print drivers are a real PITA and can cause problems that seem so unrelated...same with video drivers.

Search for all instances of on your hard drive and either delete or rename ( I always suggest rename).

Failing that, try deleting the Word registry data key:;en-us;821713&Product=wrd2003;en-us;822005&Product=wrd2003

This may also be helpful:;en-us;820919&Product=wrd2003

Bue sure Tools, Options, Save, Allow Fast Saves is turned off (this is always - I wish they'd get rid of that ....)  Also try turning off background saves.  Check the time on your AutoSave - it should be like 5 minutes.

Also, be sure to delete all temp files, internet cache, a general disk cleanup and defrag.

And sorry for the long post - you probably will be better off recreating the user profile... I think it has something to do with the mapping of the L drive... IMHO..... but tech support is like a game of chance :)

Bill0573Author Commented:
Thanks for all the help......even the support template did not I concluded that the problem must have been a corrupted WindowsXP Pro registry.  I formatted the hard drive and reloaded everything.  There are no problems now and Word and Outlokk work great.
Joanne M. OrzechManager, Document Services CenterCommented:
Glad you got it resolved Bill!  Thank you!
Bill0573Author Commented:
Postnote:  After I formatted the disk (again) and reinstalled WindowsXP and all the apps, everything worked okay for a couple of days.  Then the dreaded hourglass and delay came back in Word. Really frustrated, I searched Google and many newsgroups for any answer that might make sense.  I saw a post at that detailed a generally similar problem and the commenter suggested replacing the printer driver as a corrupt printer driver sometimes causes Word to hang.  I was using the native Windows driver for my USB-linked Brother HL-1440 printer and didn't see how that would affect anything...however, I downloaded the appropriate file from Brother, installed it, and the hanging hourglass disappeared.  To say I was amazed is an understatement....that a two year old driver from Brother would work without a problem as compared to the native driver supplied by Windows.  If you have this hourglass delay problem in Word, you may solve it by verifying that you have the manufacturer's printer driver and not the Microsoft one
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