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Simple Form to e-mail, but with a twist ;)

Posted on 2004-08-24
Last Modified: 2010-04-06
I need a basic form to e-mail solution similar to this one http://www.easyasphosting.com/AboutUs.html#contact

Ok, I know this has been asked hundreds of times before but I have a few twists for you,

> I don’t care which language, the simpler the better though ;)
> I will not change my page endings, they are currently .Shtml
> Can I get the e-mail to be HTML type? Plain text is kind of boring ;)

 And the real stumbling block....

> I need to take account of this http://www.easyasphosting.com/SupportUsingEmailInScripts.html but I have no idea how?

I will accept links or preferably code, I will double the points if you could provide a link/code for adding multiple attachments from the clients computer

Hope I am not asking too much, but I have tried similar supposedly 'simple' projects like this and have wasted too many hours hung up on little twists like the above ;)

Many thanks

Question by:DavidBirch2dotCom

Expert Comment

ID: 11883313
you can use <iFrame> to enable the user to compose a HTML mail, with all the required Bold,Italics, Underline settings with colors.

it also has a method to obtain the HTML representing the composed mail, which can be directly sent to the server-side script to process then on.

supporting attachments, require much coding to parse the MIME multipart content sent from the browser and i have come across some java class libraries to parse multiparts. any search engine should take u there.

Expert Comment

ID: 11883566
You can use this PHP code: http://www.howtocreate.co.uk/php/dnld.php?file=1&action=0

It will make nice formatted mails and multiple attachements are possible

Author Comment

ID: 11886259
ageraldnaveen> None of that made much sence or is alot of help, could you provide a code example?

puca01> unfortunatly I do not use Php so how do you use it?


I need a basic form to e-mail solution similar to this one http://www.easyasphosting.com/AboutUs.html#contact

> I don’t care which language, the simpler the better though ;)
> I will not change my page endings, they are currently .Shtml
> I need to take account of this http://www.easyasphosting.com/SupportUsingEmailInScripts.html but I have no idea how?


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Expert Comment

ID: 11887890
well the most simple solution, and provided by the most isps and hosting firms, is cgi.

You'll have to check on your isp/hosts site if it is supported and what the path is (like http://www.yourdomain.com/cgi-bin/formmail.pl)

I've picked for you a random isp for the manual, because they're al the same: http://www.simplyweb.net/websetup/mailform/mailform.html

If it is not clear, tell me which isp or host you use

Author Comment

ID: 11891180
*sigh* I could have easily got all the above resources, there is no cgi-scripts on my site, I know there are some asp components installed, a list at the bottom http://www.easyasphosting.com/hosting.html of that page.... however I have no idea how to use them, and I am still no closer to taking account of this
 http://www.easyasphosting.com/SupportUsingEmailInScripts.html - I have no idea how?

puca01 > my webhost is www.easyasphosting.com ;)

As I said this should be a simple little project, however it is TOO simple obviously I dont want some wossy little tutorial for idiots, I would much prefur a huge 20+page tutorial so i know whats going on and how to modify it for my needs..... Alternitivly... could someone please provide some code that will work and an explination of how to use it,  and to get around the spam prevention with my host,

many thanks


Accepted Solution

puca01 earned 125 total points
ID: 11894944
It seems you can use ASP to make emailforms. As listed on your hosts site, there are several methods you can try: 'ASPEmail, Formmail.ASP, CDONTS, Devmailer and more'

http://www.aspemail.com/ seems usefull, because they also mention atatchements at the bottom. There is also a manual provided. Check it out..
LVL 11

Assisted Solution

coopzz earned 125 total points
ID: 11915216
OK for starters I believe that if you want to do this yourself you've got some challenges

to attach a file you need to upload the file to the server first which requires access to your providers server, and an uploading object to be able to process the uploaded file

for starters hes a link to the cdonts object that shows how to attach a file

by the looks of the hosting company they have the bits you need and with aspemail site theres the link for attachments and and example here
source here.

for the uploading/attaching you'll may have to ask your provider a few things before you'll be able to do it.

as for the server addresses there will be a property to set on the object that you will finally use..
for aspmail here are the object props and methods
so it would be
objMail.host = " "
objMail.Port = 2525

hope this helps and what your looking for

Author Comment

ID: 12104056
ok... I havnt forgoten about this Q just havnt seen an answer that looks like it will take less that a weekend to do, and so far I havnt had a free weekend ;) I will look into it soon... well this weekend

Author Comment

ID: 12445277
arg I knew this would catch up with me ...  Still havnt gotten around to checking out the tips - I will follow your reccomendation  Venabili


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