Fed up with Gator....How to block???

I need to block gator at my firewall.  Everyday, I get more and more Snort alerts with Gator and I have had it with chasing down these "infected" systems.

Does anyone have any suggestions.


Craig SharpLead Enginneer - Unix Server TeamAsked:
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lrmooreConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You are correct that the PIX cannot block these connections, but if you have a Cisco router in front of the PIX you would be able to use NBAR (Network Based Application Recognition) to block it..

check this


Get this software:


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It works great, i have it installed and it works perfectly.
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It depends what kind of firewall you have.  The best way to block gator at the network/firewall level is with an intelligent firewall or proxy.  Check Point calls this "Application Intelligence" but it's basically just stateful inspection at the application level.  Some other proxies and devices can do it.

To look for gator, look at the HTTP packets for "User-Agent" = "^Gator" and block that.  As I said Check Point FW-1 NG AI can do it.  But so can some other proxies.

Craig SharpLead Enginneer - Unix Server TeamAuthor Commented:
We have a PIX and it does not have anything close to intelligence.  I am thinking of writing a module for Snort using PERL that will automatically add the rules to the firewall for selected alerts.
I would also use Adaware by Lavasoft, to get rid of any spyware you have.
You can always edit your HOSTS file to block anything from gator.com or its relatives...

You can google how to add exceptions to c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts

It's the best bet and your web browser will simply never display anything from Gator, nor will any application.
Craig SharpLead Enginneer - Unix Server TeamAuthor Commented:
Hi all.  Thanks for the replies.  I have accepted lrmoore's response as the NBAR is very close to what I need.  We have a complete Cisco infrastructure and this will be a good fit.
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