MSDE installation problems

500 points to the one who solves my problem.

I am facing a lot of problems installing MSDE on my machine. I have downloaded the latest MSDE from the Microsoft web site (which is service pack 3). The installation rolls back and gives a message saying "MSDE installation failed".

I used the commands:
Setup SAPASSWORD=mypassword /qb+ /L*v <logfile>
Setup SAPASSWORD=mypassword DISABLENETWORKPROTOCOLS=1 /qb+ /L*v <logfile>
but both failed. My machine configuration is:

Windows 2k Professional, service pack 4
IE 6
File and Print Sharing enabled
A network card, but no network (home use)
I meet the hardware requiredments for installing MSDE (like RAM, etc)
I had previously installed MS SQL Server 6.5 (no service packs), which I have "successfully" uninstalled, and manually deleted the sql folder.

The log file says the following:

MSI (s) (00:18): Note: 1: 2262 2: IniLocator 3: -2147287038
Action ended 18:47:56: AppSearch. Return value 1.
MSI (s) (00:18): Skipping action: ErrorCodeIE.2D02443E_7002_4C0B_ABC9_EAB2C064397B (condition is false)
MSI (s) (00:18): Skipping action: FatalErrorIE.2D02443E_7002_4C0B_ABC9_EAB2C064397B (condition is false)
MSI (s) (00:18): Doing action: GetSqlStates.2D02443E_7002_4C0B_ABC9_EAB2C064397B
Action start 18:47:56: GetSqlStates.2D02443E_7002_4C0B_ABC9_EAB2C064397B.
MSI (s) (00:18): Creating MSIHANDLE (101) of type 790542 for thread 280
SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Microsoft SQL Server Setup.{E09B48B5-E141-427A-AB0C-D3605127224A}
TempFolder is c:\temp\{E09B48B5-E141-427A-AB0C-D3605127224A}\
Loading extended custom action library c:\temp\{E09B48B5-E141-427A-AB0C-D3605127224A}\sqlcax.dll
SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Microsoft SQL Server Setup.{E09B48B5-E141-427A-AB0C-D3605127224A}
Property SqlStates: 0 (0x0)
Action ended 18:47:56: GetSqlStates.2D02443E_7002_4C0B_ABC9_EAB2C064397B. Return value 1.
MSI (s) (00:18): Skipping action: DetectUpgrade.2D02443E_7002_4C0B_ABC9_EAB2C064397B (condition is false)
MSI (s) (00:18): Skipping action: SqlDisableNetAccessError.2D02443E_7002_4C0B_ABC9_E AB2C064397B (condition is false)

I have searched all over the Net and could not find a single solution to my weird problem. This is the first time I am installing MSDE on my machine, and I am totally frustrated. Can somone please help me.
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somecuriousguyConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Guess what, I have answered my own question. Heres how:
I did the following:
1. Installed ms loopback adapter
2. Enabled my LAN (though there is no n/w)
3. Installed the following windows components: Management and monitoring tools, networking services, Other file and print services.
I ran the installation, restarted my machine, and yippeee, msde was installed. I tested it with and it worked fine.
Thanx for the help, people.
I am quite familiar with errors like this (unfortunately). Is the message limited to "MSDE installation failed"? any other words in the message?

Is MDAC installed? If so, which version?  
Also, which directory did you delete? I can't recall where 6.5 went, but check to see if there is anything in Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server and see if the date on that folder matches your attempted install. If it does not that is what has to be removed. Otherwise, I'll wait for that additional info.
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Daniel JungesCommented:
Try to install the lastest version of MSI and IE manualy and try again

Get the new version of MSDE called SQL Express (it is in beta, but is way better than MSDE in my opinion)
somecuriousguyAuthor Commented:
There are no other words in the message other than "Msde setup failed". I had not installed mdac. I installed the latest verion 2.8.
Also, there is no microsoft sql folder in the program files folder. There was however an mssql folder in c:\ which I have deleted but still the same problem.

Try this link to remove anything that might still be on your machine...;en-us;320873

- I don't have any better ideas. I just checked around on SQL Express. Beyond the fact that it was published less than a month ago, I'd probably stay away from it. "Beta" is probably too high a letter, given the blog notes I saw when I googled.
Actually, of the steps you took, I believe the only one that mattered was enabling File and Print Services, which have to be installed and running to install MSDE unless you apply a very recent hotpatch.  I will not object to the refund, because (at least as far as I am concerned) I should have mentioned that in the first place, since it is a common problem installing MSDE.

somecuriousguyAuthor Commented:
You see as i mentioned in the question, file and print sharing was enabled. Yet i installed "other file and printer services" from add/remove windows components. Funny thing is I was able to successfully install msde on a mahcine with the same os and service pack as mine, although it did not have "other file and printer services" installed.
Oh - you are right. Sorry. Thanks - at least I was not asleep. What about the loopback adaptor? And the network adaptor - was it installed and bound to TCP/IP (even though you did not need it for networking at home)? I would have to check but  I believe SQL does require that tcp/ip be enabled even if the machine is not on a network. Just a thought.

somecuriousguyAuthor Commented:
yes tcp/ip was enabled. I dialed up to internet from it. But the loopback adapter was not installed.
So the loopback adapter was the exact cause of the problem? Do you think if that was all you did it would have worked? (I think I owe you points on this!)
somecuriousguyAuthor Commented:
it seems like. But trust me, i seriously dont want to go back and find out what "exactly" caused it to work. As long as it works, I am happy. And where are my points :)
I will go and find out for you (and for me). I actually need to know and I have the setup to determine the exact cause.  I will post once I learn the answer.
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