Ghost boot automated to avoid USB switch box squirreliness

Below is a question I reasked on sunday because the other participants problem was a variation of mine.

What I need to know is where to write the switch so that I do not need to type anything until the image is run. In this case the control I would need to aply is to push send when the desied number of machines have joined the session and waiting. Many arlicles both in and out of experts exchange refer to the corrrect switches. I need to know how and where to write them. Please.
Walkabouttigger gave this super analysis of a question on fully automating Ghost network boot.

"So all you want the bootable media to do is boot to some OS, run Ghost and have it automagically grab the correct image from the correct multicast server and baddabing baddaboom it completes all by itself without user intervention and then waits when complete.  Correct?"

This is exactly what i need to do but I am grabbing and loading a created image not cloning. I can add multiple nic drivers on one disk and I can see where one would "add" in the dialog box for adding portions to a ghost boot disk but I am not sure of the details of how to do it. Do the switches go into config.sys ghost or should I use PCDos? I am not sure haow the point system works but I mihgt be able to help with an question or two for reciprocation

I am using Ghost 8.0 on XP pro to load XP pro images

-Ignorant and desperate (Richison)
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wparrottConnect With a Mentor Commented:
In order to automatically run ghost to connect to a multicast session you must have a config.sys and autoexec.bat file. When you use the Ghost Boot Disk Wizard to create boot disks, it has the option to format the disk and use either PC-Dos, which is supplied with Ghost, or MS-Dos, which you must supply. PC-Dos works identically to MS-Dos for all intents and purposes.

Now, the boot disk needs config.sys to load the device drivers for the network card. The autoexec.bat will install the driver and run the batch command to automate the ghost session. If no autoexec.bat file exists on your floppy, create one by opening a command prompt, change to the floppy drive (a:), and type 'edit autoexec.bat'. Enter this line:

ghost.exe -clone,src=@mcSESSIONNAME,dst=1 -sure

Change SESSIONNAME to the name you give the session on the multicast server when you start it.

Press Alt-F, X to exit autoexec.bat and choose yes to save.

Start the multicast session, if you haven't started it already.

Boot the machine you want to image with the floppy. If it has the correct config.sys file it should load the network drivers and grab an IP address (or a specific IP address may be assigned in the WATT.cfg file). It should, after executing all the commands in the config.sys, run the autoexec.bat file. Ghost should start, connect to the session, and wait for the server to begin pushing the image, once all have been connected.

Hope this helps....
Here is a list of Ghost command-line options:

These would be used in the autoexec.bat file where ghost is invoked.  How were you planning to automate this?  With a boot floppy?
richisonAuthor Commented:
Currently I use a floppy to boot multiple and single machines to multicast sessions here at a busy college. The person we paid to create these last time used PC dos and I don't know where he put the batch information because and IBMbios .com along with are all there is with the folders ghost and net in the disk. There is no autoexec.bat. I can find no comment using edit in dos to view the IBMdos. The rack is 8 qudrants of four machine cabability in each quadrant. I have 8 keybords and 8 monitors. We upgraded to 8.0 ghost and new models. I need to create new auto disks to use the rack. Lets assume I am totally inept and need to know how to place the line in autoexec.bat.
My understanding of the correct action reccommended:  I will create a boot disk using dos and then plan to edit the autoexec.bat using a sample comment from you. My goal is to give the session name chose multicast (@MCgo) and say overight (-sure). I need help tying this togeather. Although it may be simple, this is outside my have-been-trained-in range.
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richisonAuthor Commented:
I have read that dos cannot be used with usb keyboards and mice buut this will not matter because after the image the machines will have XP to use for any custom configuration changes. The images I create have sysprep run for mini-setup so the sid is created on first run-up butwe do need to go in to individual machines to add particular applications or domains sometimes. In short the boot disk needs to be able to run with out input but usb capability is not an issue after the image has run.

I can type with a machine switched buut the input is like 12 g's when I type one (squirrely). I want to avoid the whole switch box from dos issue. THAT is my goal. Thanks for your patience and perseverance.

richisonAuthor Commented:
Thank you W parrot the lines below are the exact answer I wanted. A bit over the top with the rest but I did ask to approach the answer as if I were a layman. This is terrific. Parrot is a savior.

"If no autoexec.bat file exists on your floppy, create one by opening a command prompt, change to the floppy drive (a:), and type 'edit autoexec.bat'. Enter this line:

ghost.exe -clone,src=@mcSESSIONNAME,dst=1 -sure"
richisonAuthor Commented:
Multiple nic drivers force this to a new location in the autoexc file on the second disk (ghost 8.0) and mode=restore must be added. However; this does indeed execute the task perameters. Thanx again Experts-exchange.

You're welcome. I would have mentioned the second disc but was a bit confused by your post about the ghost boot disk. You didn't mention disks (plural), which kinda led me to think that your boot disk may have been created in Ghost 7.5.

Glad that I could help.
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