Problem Calling a C DLL in VB 6.0

I have created a DLL in C Language. I have used VC++ as my IDE and Winodws XP Home edition as my Operating System.

I have copied the DLL into my VB Project folder and have referenced the DLL in my VB Projct. TIll this point of my project there is no problem(I believe).
When I tried to invoke the DLL the following message occurs:

Error 53: File not found CallVB.dll

Can some help me resolve this problem.

Shivakumar Thota
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nichiaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
See this article:

"PRB: Error 53 'File Not Found' When Calling a DLL Function";en-us;178489
Is CallVB.dll the dll you wrote in VC++?

Is it an ActiveX dll? (ATL COM)
Did you register it with regsvr32?

Can you call you dll in debug mode in VC++?
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Just to clear things up: It is displaying this error because the path you specified for the DLL is not correct. If you just use the DLL's filename, like "CallVB.dll", then it must be registered on the system first using regsvr32. Otherwise, you need to specify the exact path, like "C:\My App\CallVB.dll".

Copy DLL to the System32 folder, or any other folder that is within PATH
As mladenovicz says you need it on the path. If you don't have it on the path you must have it in the working directory. When you start VB from the start menu the current directory is C:\program files\visual studio\vb98
You can create a shortcut as shown in this thread:
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