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system commander dected a disk manager program such as EZ-bios or Ontrack installed on your system.

Scott here.

I want to set my computer up so I can boot multi-opreating systems.
Last week I tried Partitonmagic's Bootmagic.  I could not get Bootmagic to work so I gave up.  I also changed some partitons on both of my HDs.

I moved on to System Commander, but get the error message:
"System Commander has dected a disk manager program such as EZ-bios or Ontrack installed on your system."

And:  These programs will self-distruct your computer if system commander is installed.  install will be cancled.
"click OK"

Ok, I did not know that I had such a program on my hard drive.

1. Did partitonmagic do this to me?
2. How do I find out which disk manager has been Installed?
3. Can/how do I get it off my disk, and keep all of my programs.
4. Can I wipe just one disk; start XP over, but still have use my data on slave disk 2, or has the disk manager messed with that disk too?

A new XP home install is OK for me if I have to.
If I have to buy a new HD to back up my 130+GBs of files I will.

xp home
2 SATA maxtor 160GB NOT in Raid mode

Thank you.

1 Solution
GringoInLondonAuthor Commented:
cute, but I was thinking more along the lines of a solution.

Do you get any kind of message about ez-bios or disk manager on the post screen?

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GringoInLondonAuthor Commented:
No post screen messages, but it takes windows over 60 seconds to load.
How to Remove an EZBIOS Overlay From Hard Disk

The table below outlines the steps required to remove an EZBIOS DDO from a hard drive using BootMaster Partition Recovery. EZBIOS is used to allow access to the full capacity of hard drives that are larger than the system BIOS can handle, and it should not be removed unless the user can verify that the BIOS can access the entire capacity of all hard drives in the system.

We recommend that a BootMaster Diagnostics report be prepared and emailed to our techincal support (support@filerecovery.biz) prior to removing EZBIOS. We will be able to advise you as to whether or not it is safe to remove EZBIOS.
Step 1       Download BootMaster and create the rescue disk (you will need one 1.44MB floppy diskette).
Step 2       Boot the system containing the EZBIOS overlay directly from the BootMaster rescue disk. Start BootMaster from the main menu. The partition table display should show a type 85 active partition. If it does not EZBIOS is probably not installed on the system.
Step 3       Check the Drive Parameters (displayed on the lower left portion of the screen) to verify that the system BIOS is able to access the entire capacity of the all hard drives in the system (use F10 to change drives). If it is not, then EZBIOS should be left in place.
Step 4       Return to Drive 1, and build a normal Master Boot Record: Press F5. Accept "Fast Scan" when prompted. Accept each partition as it is offered by the Fast Scan.
Step 5       Next, press F3 to display the Partitions Summary Screen. Be sure that all partitions are accounted for and that "OK" appears under the "Boot Sector" and "Mount" status columns.
Step 6       Press ESC to return to the main screen. Press F2 to save the new MBR (the existing EZBIOS MBR will automatically be backed up).
Step 7       Now, exit BootMaster, reboot from the hard drive and be sure that everyting is working OK.
Step 8       After system operation has been verified, you can remove the EZBIOS overlay from track zero, by pressing F8 in BootMaster and selecting "Clear Track Zero."

GringoInLondonAuthor Commented:
Can I put all data onto slave disk,
then reformat disk one,
then reinstall windows?
yeap .... you can.
What about removing EZBIOS .... have you tried?
GringoInLondonAuthor Commented:
No, not yet.
I am going away for a vacation and will deall with this when I have more time.
I just wanted to make sure that if I was to remove one of my HD's that the other one would function with all of its drive letters.  Or do the drive letters get reasigned?  The slave disk, I hope, can function as a slave on another, (my mom's for example,) computer system, and still have all of my data available. Given she uses Windows as well.
if you have logical partitions created on both drives then the letters will mess up, but whithin administrative tools->disk management you can assign what letter you like to any drive that lost it's original letter
You can go to Western Digital and find their Data Lifeguard disk which will remove the EZBios.....and It's free! Also you can call them if your worried.

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