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'AOIndex' is not an index in this table

Posted on 2004-08-24
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2008-01-09
I have an MDB file that will not open.  When trying to open this file, an error pops:  'AOIndex' is not an index in this table.

Link to screenshot of error:  http://danallen.com/299-ReleaseArea/AOIndex.htm

I assume this is a known error, if only I was the one who knew!  lol.  Is there a fix?  I have found some clumsy work arounds online, involving importing all the data into Excel via an UGLY interface called Microsoft Query (ugly for us in this case, not all situations.. hard to resist bashing M$ when there is a braindead Access problem like this one I thought they woulda resolved in like 1997, but I am only a programmer, so what do I know.....  :-D

As always, any information helping resolve and/or explain this issue will be most gratefully appreciated.

Question by:Danimal
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LVL 51

Expert Comment

by:Steve Bink
ID: 11882790
Sounds like your db has been corrupted.  Here's a link to look at:


Look for Nico's checklist for fixing corrupt databases.  A search of the MSKB found nothing of interest on the error message, and I've never seen it before.

In the meantime, could you answer these questions?  Not every day I see an error for the first time.  :)
  a) Can you still use the database at all?
  b) Can you read the offending table?
  c) Can you read the offending table from another database or through ODBC?
  d) Can you query any part of the database externally?
  e) Can you use object import/export on any of the objects?

Author Comment

ID: 11882936
a)  Have not found a way to use it yet.

b) Cannot read anything in the offending MDB.  Have tried importing from other Access Dbs, and via ODBC.  I can see the data with M$ Query, but that path would be labor intensive, especially since one of the main tables has more than 64,000 records (Excel's maximum).

c)  no.

d)  yes, from Excel, with M$ Query.

e)  No.
LVL 85
ID: 11883108
A missing AOIndex means corruption of the system tables, and specifically the MSysAccessObjects table. I'm assuming you've tried JetComp, which works occasionally; however, if this doesn't work the only real option is a data recovery service. You could attempt to read the indexes and try to recreate them (you'll probably want to do this from VB and not Access) but almost certainly you won't succeed.

MSysAccessObjects stores the code behind forms and reports ....
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Expert Comment

by:Steve Bink
ID: 11883202
Wow...so the db is unusable as far as you know.  I'll have to go with LSMConsulting...try the normal routes to repair the corruption.  I hope you have a good backup.  :)
LVL 85
ID: 11883352
Can you import anything from another db? Can you open a new, blank db and import your forms, one by one, or does it even allow you to do this?

Author Comment

ID: 11884405
LSM, would it be possible to open a project to help us with this one where we pay to help?  I just got word from my boss ... you read for yourself the email he sent:

***** START EMAIL ************************
Dan (world on cc),

  This is a priority ONE problem, everything else is secondary. I am forwarding this on to Ken & Bob to let them know that there is an issue that may require their help....

Boss (name withheld)

********  END EMAIL ********************
LVL 85
ID: 11884437

Please see my profile for information on contact ...


Author Comment

ID: 11884439

Can you import anything from another db?
. not yet

Can you open a new, blank db and import your forms, one by one, or does it even allow you to do this? No.  No access to the database through ODBC or through Link/Import directly to the Access mdb file via the file system in Windows from FILE--GET EXTERNAL DATA.


Author Comment

ID: 11884613


I completed the Quote Request form.  When I submitted it, I got a bomb:  http://danallen.com/299-ReleaseArea/quotebomb.htm

Don't worry, I still trust ya.  I have had one or two web pages bomb before.  LOL

I printed the quote form to a PDF file.  It's a little torqued, but I am hoping you can read it and get in touch to help us through this.

I'll be working on it, and might solve it before we get in touch, but 'priority 1' means my boss definitely wants the option of additional support, assuming the price is not stupid.  Example of stupid:  $5,000/day plus first class airfare from New Zealand.  Reasonable but sucks:  M$ charges $400 bucks for an incident, but at least you are guaranteed an answer.

LVL 85

Accepted Solution

Scott McDaniel (Microsoft Access MVP - EE MVE ) earned 400 total points
ID: 11884757
Hi Dan,

Looks like my ISP has struck again!!! Thanks ... they moved my site a few days back, and apparently haven't worked out some email issues on the new box.

Meantime, to get the quickest turnaround of your problem, you'll probably want to get in touch with Peter Miller of PKSolutions:


He is considered to be just about the best in this field; I can certainly assist you in programming or other areas, and I can help with recreation of indexes, but it appears that this is a critical issue; Peter would be the one to do this most quickly. His rates are reasonable and his expertise unmatched.

I'll be glad to look into it, if you'd like to upload it here:


and I promise this one won't bomb <g>

Author Comment

ID: 11885050
You are my hero for doing this.  I never will forget this excellent, incredibly professional service.  I mean that with deep sincerity.

about the isp.. omg, I had an ISP nightmare when my ISP got bought by INTERLAND!  INTERLAND IS REALLY BAD.  ValueWeb good.  Remember that.   INTERLAND BAD.  ValueWeb GOOD.   For registration:  Network-Solutions (the biggest turnaround in brand quality since Harley Davidson).

Anyway, our worst case scenario is 2-days lost data entry, so the urgency is limited by that.

I have some utilities I will try, then call Peter if still stuck.

Thanks again.

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