Question Title: PCL XL error with PCL 6 on HP 3300 have tried PCL 5e already , graphics dont print..

Hi , im getting the following while printing a graphic rich word document:(document is 10mb made up of 20 pages and many images)

Any idea whats going on?


Using PCL5e I get:

text is fine but images are half printed or not at all...

Using PCL 6 I get:::
PCL XL error

Subsystem: Image

Error: Extra Data

Operator: ReadImage

Positon: 239

PCL XL error

Subsytem: KERNEL

Error: illigal Tag

Operator: 0x2d


PCL XL error

Subsystem: KERNEL


Operator: Text

Using Postscript:

A fraction of the cover page printed and then an all new error message on the second page-

ERROR: undefined




I searched in Google to find a few things that pointed at an issue with images in the doc , but instead of going back to our marketing dept and asking them to resize all images , is there anything that can be done from a software point of view??????

Thanks again!!!
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DansDadUKConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The PCL XL errors, the PCL5 quality, and the PostScript errors, are all symptomatic of the print stream being corrupted.

PCL6 (aka PCL XL) and Postscript are particularly sensitive to corruptions, as they are both very structured languages, and report inconsistencies and corruptions; with PCL5 the printer will just soldier on doing the best it can.

Possible causes of such corruption include:

For parallel-port connected printer; check cable (should be 1284-compliant, and ideally not more than 3 metres long); check connections; check port type (ECP/EPP/etc.).

For Network-connected devices: check cables/routers/switches; increase network timeout value (especially if busy network).

what is the personality on the printer set to?

try forcing it to postscript and then try printing via the ps driver..
sgriffinAuthor Commented:
Tried usin postscript and get same problem....
sgriffinAuthor Commented:
any more ideas?
sgriffinAuthor Commented:
Any other ideas?
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