MBA for People with IT technical background

Hi. Thanks for your feedback. I have been working in IT for a few years and am considering going for an mba to improve my business skills and increase my network. I was wondering if anyone here has been through this and has advice on how I can get from Point A (IT guy) to Point B(someone who stands a chance of making it into a top business school program). I appreciate it. Thanks.
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CallandorConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I work on Wall St, so I have seen many an MBA go by.  Most schools want candidates who have actual experience under their belts, rather than people straight out of college.  Those who understand what their company does in its main line of work frequently are the best paid in their area.  For IT people, that means being able to translate business requirements into project plans so that the business will be maximized.  We deal with securities trading, so I made it a point to understand the process and analytics as well as any trader, and my value is in being able to communicate with them in their language and in being able to produce applications that give them a competitive edge.  Our company believes in educating their employees as to what the company does, so I have been in a course that teaches finance, analysis, and securities, all rolled up into one.  Basically, if you want to be a contender, understand how your company works, the process of how it makes money, and what it takes to be successful against competitors.  You will also need good people skills: being able to communicate verbally and written, participate in team efforts and add value, and motivate others to do their best.  That show, "The Apprentice", is actually a view of an intense MBA internship, and many in business watched what would have been mindless entertainment otherwise.
Hi frogpad,

Best of luck with it! :-)

This is something I'd like to do myself, if only I could save up enough money!

Where are you based?  The Open University in the UK do an MBA in Technology Management that looks very interesting (

I'd like to offer any advice that I can - what are you doing at the moment, what do you want to do in the future and how do you think an MBA will help?
Serena HsiConnect With a Mentor Marketing ConsultantCommented:
I met quite a few IT people when I pursued my MBA through an evening MBA program. You don't have to sacrifice work experience and it'll take 2-4 years to complete the degree. It's even better if you are with a company that subsidizes your education. Top B-schools aren't everything, except if you plan to work in certain industries, e.g., biotech, venture capital, finance, etc.
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Which school are you planning to do your MBA in?
frogpadAuthor Commented:
Hi guys, thanks for all your responses.

I've worked primarily in IT for all my career, began at a big 4  for 3 years working as a developer, then at a independent research firm doing IT project management. I have recently switched jobs to becoming an IT services assistant at a large film studio outside of Hollywood. I am also doing a side project with a team of programmers situated in California where my role is assistant director of development. My goal is to break into the business side of the entertainment industry. I think an mba would help in that regard and I also want the experience of going to business school to improve my management and entrepreneurial skills. I'd like to stay local, (NYU, Columbia), but am open to moving to another location based on school's strength within the entertainment sector.

Since I do not have investment banking nor strategy experience, I am not sure how I can tailor my experience to maximize my application to business school. My window right now for application would be about 2-3 years from now, but I'd like to seriously map out a plan. I appreciate any feedback you can provide. Thank you.
frogpadAuthor Commented:
Just to clarify, the "side project" I mentioned above is for a set of independent video games which also falls under the entertainment flag. Thanks.
tonyteriConnect With a Mentor Commented:

I have recently acquired an MBA in Information Systems.  I have been working in I.T. for over 10 years and have a lot of work experience.  I agree with the gentleman from Wall Street that work experience counts.  

Since getting an MBA I have started my own company, have a good size client base, have a small staff,  and have a much better understanding on how to handkle the business side.  

I recommend it highly.  Good luck.

frogpadAuthor Commented:
Ok sorry, I will be closing this question now. Thanks for everyone's help.
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