Formula to Split a String @ alpha/numeric values

Hey experts,

I need a complete crystal formula that can take this string
and Split it when the AAA changes to 111 then select either the AAA(0) or 111(1)  to return back to the report.

Big points hope someone can get me a quick answer.
Thanks in advance!

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bdreed35Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Here is an example of a loop to seperate the string from the number:

stringvar strNumber := "AAA111";
stringvar strText := "";
numbervar x;

While not(numerictext(strNumber[1])) Do
    strText := strText + strNumber[1];
    strNumber := mid(strNumber,2);


It just returns the number right now but you can add the logic at the end to determine if you want to return the "AAA" or the "111".  It should work for any valid number.  Tell me the logic if you need help.
This formula gives you the 111 portion:     mid('AAA111',instr('AAA111','1'));

This formula gives you the AAA portion:    mid('AAA111',1,len('AAA111')-instr('AAA111','1')+1);

Obviously this is a simple example though - are you asking to split based on any number or will it always be a '1'?

frodomanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This code should handle any value:

stringVar source := 'AAAB1234';  <- replace with {table.field} if you're using a db field for this
numberVar breakPoint := 9999;
numberVar x;

for x := 0 to 9 do
if instr(source,cstr(x)) < breakPoint and instr(source,cstr(x)) > 0 then
  breakPoint := instr(source,cstr(x));

// Print number
// mid(source,breakPoint);
// Print text


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can you give more info
DTRON04Author Commented:
Hey all thanks for all that i think bdreed35 is the closest to what i need

Let me explain some more logic.

Basically the example i gave was for alpha/numeric sepration the characters and lengths can be different.
The constants are this:

the set of letters will always be in the beginning and should never go over holding 5 places, usually 3 to 4.
Then when i hit the numeral that is what i want to split on basically returning the opposite values in 2 seperate formulas.

that is exactly what your doing right  bdreed?

i will try it within the hour i am currently working on something else.
didn't have time get this one on my own, thanks again guys!!
Both the formula I provided and the one Brian (bdreed) provided will give you what you want - two different ways to do basically the same thing.

Yes, that is exactly what I am doing.

You can create a second formula and reference the other variable so that you can display both values:


stringvar strText;
DTRON04Author Commented:
alright guys, thanks!!
Brian your solution worked right out of the box for me.

frodo i will five you 200 for being first.
i understood Brian's style a bit better then yours so that may have been why i kept getting a 0 value or integer error on your solution.

My skills in crystal cyntax are lacking greatly, is there a good book or reference guide i can get to understand the crystal syntax better?
i develope in VB/SQL for web and windows apps and love crystals rapid developement features but the syntax kicks my a** everytime i have to get somewhat complicated with it.
what language is it based on anyway?

regardless, thanks again!
Book name : Brian Bischof Crystal Reports .NEt programming . Great book I recommend to everyone
Crystal Syntax: C
The syntax is a hybrid of vb & c.  The keywords are vb-like but the bracketing is c-like.  It is odd, however you can opt to use Basic syntax instead of Crystal.  The Basic syntax is virtually identical to vb.

If you are used to VB, you can use Basic syntax to write the formulas.  There is no difference in the amount of speed of either one so it is really based upon your preference.

I recommend leaving the report you have already alone, but you can experiment.  When your in the formula editor, just change the drop down bos in the toolbar from Crystam Syntax to Basic Syntax.
DTRON04Author Commented:
thanks i will try to play in just basic and see how i fair, are you guys sitting beside each other or something?
it seems like you were racing to see who could enter key first on those last responses.
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