XP Home System doesn't recognize video card

I reinstalled XP Home on a machine and can't get the video adapter driver to install.  When I look at Diaplay Properties -> Settings -> Advanced -> Adapter, the Adapter Type is blank and all of the Adapter Information shows <unavailable>.  When I click Properties it shows the driver is VgaSave, which apparently runs as a service, and there is no option to update the driver.  

The card is labeled MX400L and is an AGP card.  I don't have the original disks, so I downloaded the drivers from http://www.albatron.com.tw/english/it/vga/driver.asp?pro_id=5.  I ran the setup program, rebooted, and nothing changed.  When I look under System->Hardware-Device Manager, there is no Display Adapter section.

I try adding the hardware manually, select Have Disk and point to nv4_disp.inf from the driver download.  The Model window returns empty so there is no hardware to choose for the installation.

I tried swapping the graphic cards and when the system is rebooted there is no indication of the hardware being recognized.

I also reinstalled the motherboard drivers and flashed the BIOS.
Any ideas?
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eccs19Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I would download this utility, and make sure that your video card is properly detected, then if it's not a Geforce card, try to locate the drivers.  Also make sure you have all the drivers installed for the motherboard. (this program should help you idenify the make of the MB as well.

This sounds like a Geforce card.  Perhaps the nVidia Detonator drivers?  http://www.nvidia.com/object/winxp_2k_61.77
wmiddleAuthor Commented:
Those are the drivers that I installed.
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wmiddleAuthor Commented:
I tried installing both 61.77 and 53.03
wmiddleAuthor Commented:
I fixed my problem by doing a new install/repair of windows XP.  I have no idea why this was required.  I am accepting your answer because the EVEREST utility was instrumental in ensuring that I had the correct drivers on the system, so indirectly it helped with this problem.  Thanks.
Glad that i was able to help.
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