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Our company just released an employee who password-protected several of our documents.  We own them and there is NO possibility of copyright infringement, etc.  I need to open them to make changes.  Is there a tool available?
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webtransConnect With a Mentor Commented:
yes there are many actually
there tools are quite usefull i may say
if u need me to do one of the excel files for you please make a note and i will try my best to do it

HeadIdiotAuthor Commented:
I actually need to get into a powerpoint presentation, although it looks like it would be easier to recreate from scratch....
same site
same advice
same proposal to do it myself if needed
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Welll I think the following website is much better and notoriously famous than


As i can remember whole office (new versions) use MD5 hash for password.
So, you could do only a brute-force or some (big) dictionary files that have many possible words i it.
Anyway, if you don't do the dictionary (and that could take long too), and password size is above 12 chars and have other characters than letters in it it could AGES to decode.

Here's some links:

However, have in mind if it's really that important to have those files cracked.
HeadIdiotAuthor Commented:
Lunchy -
    I am aware of E-E guidelines, but our company happens to own the rights to this document.  Our employee had NO right to password-protect it without our authorization, otherwise I would not have posted here.

   As an update, the (fired) employee decided late last night it was in his better interests (aka: positive job reference) to cough up the password.  Just an FYI...I doubt a dictionary cracker would not have been able to do it, as it was filled with special characters...
   Out of fairness...If I can figure out how to do this, I am going to split the offered points among everyone who posted here.
An enterprise version of Passware Kit has more options then just dictionary check.  You can put your own characters or select a possible characters and strings, it has numerious options.  The only big problem is it will take time and a fast computer.

We routinely get these requests in the Microsoft Office TA's and the EE advice to the experts in Excel, Office etc was that we shouldn't post code that could break sheet passwords or link to sites that offer proggies to open files. Questions that do so are deleted

Your comment above states that linking to these sites is above board. So what is the EE viewpoint on this and why does it seem not to be being applied consistently?

@ Headidiot

<  I am aware of E-E guidelines, but our company happens to own the rights to this document.

This isn't a crack at you, but everyone claims they are the proper owner of the document. How can we tell?


HeadIdiotAuthor Commented:
Dave -
Contact me through our website and I will make arrangements for you to come in and personally view it.
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