Hp Pavilion 6746C

I didn't know where to put this question, cause it has to do with the operating system, and the computer, but oh well, I guess someone will still read it. Anyway, I was wondering if I can upgrade the operating system on a HP Pavilion 6746C, from the original OS, to Windows 98 SE. I know in the past when I tried to do the same thing with a Compaq Presario, it wouldn't let me put Windows 98 SE on there, I had to reinstall with the original Quick Restore disks that came with the computer. So I'm just wondering if I will have the same problem with the HP if I reformats, and tries to install from my Windows 98 SE disk.

Any help would be greatly appreciated
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In fact, it would probably be better to FDISK your hard drive to destroy existing partitions, then repartition and format it.

This is explained here under the section "Step 1: Preparing the new drive for recovery".

Ignore all the other blurb on the page about "recovery" as this isn't what you are aiming to do.

Unfortunately the HP site (http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/softwareList?product=57589&lang=en&cc=us&lc=en&dlc=en&os=20) doesn't have any useful downloads as far as I can see, so I will look at the Intel site.

There is one thing that you should do to make absolutely sure of your hardware.  Download and install Everest Home Edition and then run it.  It is fairly intuitive to get around.  It should confirm the motherboard chipset, but there may be a difference in drivers for different "families" within the i810 motherboards.

Everest Home Edition:
Direct Download Link:
http://www.lavalys.hu/downloads/everesthome110.exe (installer file)

The Intel site refers to the genuine Intel 810 board as an Intel D810E2CB Desktop Board.  If yours is identified as this model, then the following download pages are  applicable:

Windows 98 SE:

Windows 98:

Do you have Windows 98 or Windows 98 SE (second edition)?  This makes a difference sometimes on the Intel Download pages.

Ignore the BIOS updates.  The ones that you would need, if your board is as stated above, are those shown under the "Drivers" section ie. Audio, Video, LAN, IDE, and .INF Installer.

Windows 98/98SE Audio Driver Ver: 4.12.4026 (18th January 2001) for the Crystal SoundFusion Audio Chip models CS4201 or CS4299:

Windows 98/98SE IDE driver version 6.03 (12th February 2001)
Readme File:
(Comprises the Intel Ultra ATA Storage Driver)
Unzip the downloaded file to a folder of its own and read the file IMPORTANT.TXT in the sub-folder Disk1 re the required update contained in the sub-folder Disk2).

Windows 98/98SE Inf driver version 2.60 (21st September 2000)
Readme File:
Applies to the following motherboard chipsets:
Intel 810, 810E, 815, 815E, 815EM, 820, 820E, 840, 430TX, 440BX, 440DX, 440EX, 440GX, 440LX, 440MX, 440ZX, and 850.
It installs support for the following:

810 Chipset:
Intel 82810 System and Graphics Controller
Intel 82810 DC-100 System and Graphics Controller.
810E Chipset:
Intel(R) 82810E DC-133 System and Graphics Controller

*** NOTE ***
I have a feeling that Windows 98SE might well identify this chipset and install support for all the busses without having to install this INF updater, but download it anyway.

Windows 98 / 98SE LAN Driver (Version Warrenton382).
*** I'm not entirely sure if this will be the same Network card Driver for yours ***
*** This download is 15 MB, so don't expect a quick download on a standard dialup ***

Windows 98/98SE Video Driver version 6.03 (11th May 2001) (Driver Revision:
Readme File:
(Supports Intel 810, 810E, 810E2, 815, 815E, 815EM chipsets).  

*** Remember that the above downloads are for an Intel 810 motherboard with the model number D810E2CB.  Vendors like HP may well use the 810 chipset on their motherboards, but things like the LAN could very easily be different on theirs.  If yours is different, then don't use them. ***

Full info on the Intel D810E2CB motherboard:

Hope this helps.

I just did an HP700 xp to win98. The win98 worked fine, except I forgot what I am telling you. First burn all your drivers etc under Windows/system. These you will need to install the drivers for the R/W, LAN card, Monitor, Video Card etc. Make sure that the hidden files are showing also or they will not copy. Also insure that you have a WIN98 boot disk.

After installing WIN98, insert the Cd Data disk. Go to Control Panel, System, Devices. Click on each item with a yellow exclamation mark. Remove the item. Click on install/remove hardware. See if the correct device shows. Next click on the device,  properties, Driver and then the click the Driver update button.

You can call the HP PARTS line and give them the serial number and model number and for 10 Dollars you can get the recovery disks.

The HP website gives the following specifications for a USA Pavilion 6746C:


Intel (R) Celeron (R) 733 MHz processor (socket 370)
Intel 810 Motherboard Chipset
Cheetah V.90 K56 Fax/Data Modem
Intel 810 on-board PCI Graphics chip using 11 MB shared system memory
HP 10/100 BaseT LAN adapter (Ethernet)
Crystal AMC97 3-D stereo PCI 16-bit on-board Sound Chip
4 x CD-RW (Easy CD Creator preinstalled and on Recovery CD?)
Microsoft Windows Me Pre-Installed and with Recovery CD
Microsoft Works 2000 (on recovery CD?)

Assuming that you have:

- A retail Windows 98 or 98SE CD with a valid license key
- Either MS Office or MS Works on another installation CD with a valid key
- An installation CD for a compatible CD-Burning software package

Then there is no reason why you couldn't format the hard drive and install Windows 98 on that computer.

Of course, as mentioned above, you will need Windows 98 Drivers for the:

- Modem
- Network Card
- Crystal Audio Chip
- On board Graphics

The CD-RW doesn't need a driver.

You will also need the Chipset Driver files for the Intel 810 Motherboard.  When sourced online, the download may or may not contain drivers for the Crystal Audio chip and Graphics chip.

I will look for some download links and you could then tell us if you think this is viable.

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silver_wolfAuthor Commented:
thanks guys, there was quite a bit of information there. I am doing this for a friend, and after I read these posts I was going to do it, when she called me up and told me to just leave Windows ME on it. So if thats what she wants done, then thats what i'm going to do, so i'm sorry about you writing all that out (apparently for nothing), but everyone's help is greatly appreciated, and I will make a note of the above information for future reference. now I just have one more question, how do I go about assigning points to people?
The best thing you can do is read the following page:

in particular, see:

Where you feel that more than one comment assisted you, then you can share your points between the experts by clicking on "SPLIT POINTS" at the bottom. To do this, first select the "PRIMARY USER" and allocate however many points you wish to allocate and select an appropriate "GRADE", then select the other user(s) and allocate points against him/her/them.

If you need more assistance regarding this, just ask.
Thank you, silver_wolf
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