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Cisco cannot ping specific host

I have a 2600 with two enet interfaces on it and two WIC's - e0 is and e1 is   I have a switch Cisco 3550 connected to e0.  From the 2600 I can ping which is a box directly connected to e1 - from the switch itself or any other host on my .10 subnet I can ping - the 2600....but not the - I can't figure out why - I have checked all I can so far.
2 Solutions
Does 11.2 have the correct subnet mask and default gateway? what kind of server is it? Might it be running some kind of firewall, ipchains, etc. (This wouldn't explain why the router can ping it though)?
Don JohnstonInstructorCommented:
Does the device with the address have a default gateway of

Can the device at ping ?

Any access lists in place on the router or the switch?

mrsmileynsAuthor Commented:
the 11.2 box is a managed VPN server that provides a backup connectivity solution to my home office in the event the primary WAN on the 2600 goes down - all of these suggestions are good - access lists at all in my router or switch - i have to think it is some sort of misconfig, rule, or lack of a correct route in the managed VPN box - I will speak to that vendor tomorrow andsee what I can find out - I really don't know what the gateway and mask are currently set to on it - one thing i want to try though is to take another host - standard win 2k box or whatever - give in and plug into where this box is now...and see if i can hit it - that would at least help narrow it down to the VPN box's config - my router and switch are pretty simple - there really isn't much i can see being wrong there
mrsmileynsAuthor Commented:
well - i talked to my vendor and he put a route in the host allowing .10 traffic to route through the gateway of 11.1 - this essentially amounts to setting the defualt gateway as you guys described - although this box doesn't call it a default gateway on the LAN side - I can now ping it from my .10 network -  I'll split the points
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